2013 New Year's Resolutions: Re-visited (Thankful Thursday)

This is my second year of setting 52 Resolutions.  I like this idea, because it takes this huge thing, a set of RESOLUTIONS, and turns it into something manageable.  Some of these are resolutions that I had from last year, that I didn't complete, and I liked them, so I am carrying them over.

I would love to know what you resolve to change in 2013, or perhaps what you want to work on!

  1. Take a legit vacation
  2. Go to Lone Star Round Up
  3. Attend Yoga Class every week
  4. Start a Garden
  5. Plant flowers to attract butterflies/hummingbirds
  6. Learn one new word per day. Use it.
  7. Learn to Say No
  8. Carry a notebook with me.
  9. Write more.
  10. Get out of my house more often
  11. Make homemade ice cream once a month
  12. Visit a new state this year where I have never been.
  13. Save $ for a rainy day fund
  14. Finish my laundry room
  15. Tile dining room and kitchen.
  16. Host a swap party with friends
  17. Learn a new skill.
  18. Finish right arm tattoo sleeve.
  19. Have professional photos of the Mr. and I
  20. Install attic fan in my house.
  21. Search and find new living room furniture
  22. Complete a 52 week photography challenge
  23. Girls Night Out Once a Month
  24. Bake a new pie once a month from scratch
  25. Lower my cholesterol.
  26. Plant a tree.
  27. Finish Memory Jar for 2013.
  28. Write a letter to at least one person a month
  29. Recycle!
  30. Watch all of Grace Kelly's Movies
  31. Learn a foreign language.
  32. Go to a concert that I wouldn't normally go to.
  33. Take a cooking class
  34. Read 12 new books
  35. Dress to impress everyday.  I am not going to save my "nice" things for nice days. Everyday is going to be awesome!!
  36. Carry a water bottle
  37. Walk at lunch, if weather permits
  38. Put my phone away when I am out to eat.
  39. Avoid plastic.  Use sustainable things!
  40. Have a personal date (time for me) once a week.
  41. Buy fresh flowers more often
  42. New bedding to make my bedroom the most comfortable it can be
  43. Edit my life into only the most important things/people/places ect.  
  44. Record kindness each week. How can I share kindness with strangers, or even people I know
  45. Get to know my neighbors.
  46. Stop letting my water run, without immediately using it.
  47. sunscreen every day
  48. Donate to my local animal shelter
  49. Watch more documentaries
  50. More tutorials on you tube
  51. Try a new fruit or vegetable.
  52. Find my favorite quality in myself, and learn to really love it.