Katty's Birthday Bash Giveaway #1

Mr. Johnny Whizbang has so graciously offered to giveaway a pinup garage shirt! I love the website, along with Johnny! He is so supportive of the pinup community as well as furthering our art!

Be sure to stop by his site, say hello, and check out all the babes with a parking spot!  I know you will love it.

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2013 New Year's Resolutions: Re-visited (Thankful Thursday)

This is my second year of setting 52 Resolutions.  I like this idea, because it takes this huge thing, a set of RESOLUTIONS, and turns it into something manageable.  Some of these are resolutions that I had from last year, that I didn't complete, and I liked them, so I am carrying them over.

I would love to know what you resolve to change in 2013, or perhaps what you want to work on!

  1. Take a legit vacation
  2. Go to Lone Star Round Up
  3. Attend Yoga Class every week
  4. Start a Garden
  5. Plant flowers to attract butterflies/hummingbirds
  6. Learn one new word per day. Use it.
  7. Learn to Say No
  8. Carry a notebook with me.
  9. Write more.
  10. Get out of my house more often
  11. Make homemade ice cream once a month
  12. Visit a new state this year where I have never been.
  13. Save $ for a rainy day fund
  14. Finish my laundry room
  15. Tile dining room and kitchen.
  16. Host a swap party with friends
  17. Learn a new skill.
  18. Finish right arm tattoo sleeve.
  19. Have professional photos of the Mr. and I
  20. Install attic fan in my house.
  21. Search and find new living room furniture
  22. Complete a 52 week photography challenge
  23. Girls Night Out Once a Month
  24. Bake a new pie once a month from scratch
  25. Lower my cholesterol.
  26. Plant a tree.
  27. Finish Memory Jar for 2013.
  28. Write a letter to at least one person a month
  29. Recycle!
  30. Watch all of Grace Kelly's Movies
  31. Learn a foreign language.
  32. Go to a concert that I wouldn't normally go to.
  33. Take a cooking class
  34. Read 12 new books
  35. Dress to impress everyday.  I am not going to save my "nice" things for nice days. Everyday is going to be awesome!!
  36. Carry a water bottle
  37. Walk at lunch, if weather permits
  38. Put my phone away when I am out to eat.
  39. Avoid plastic.  Use sustainable things!
  40. Have a personal date (time for me) once a week.
  41. Buy fresh flowers more often
  42. New bedding to make my bedroom the most comfortable it can be
  43. Edit my life into only the most important things/people/places ect.  
  44. Record kindness each week. How can I share kindness with strangers, or even people I know
  45. Get to know my neighbors.
  46. Stop letting my water run, without immediately using it.
  47. sunscreen every day
  48. Donate to my local animal shelter
  49. Watch more documentaries
  50. More tutorials on you tube
  51. Try a new fruit or vegetable.
  52. Find my favorite quality in myself, and learn to really love it.

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Voodoo LaRoux

Voodoo LaRoux // Facebook // Pinup Lifestyle // Pinup Garage Spot
Age: 36

Occupation: Project Manager

Where are you from: Kansas City

Favorite photographer to work with: Tough question, and I don't think I can pick just one! Vixen Pin-Up Photography and Varga Photography are both favorites as their aesthetics are so different. I'm excited that I just got to work with Paper Moon by Charlie Girl and I'm looking forward to shooting with Dynamite Dames in July.

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s):
 1. Varga Photography, Roy Varga, Kansas City (Vixen Pin-Up kitchen)  2. Vixen Pin-Up Photgraphy, Nikki Moreno-Whipple, Kansas City (Elvgren recreate)  3. Varga Photography, Roy Varga, Kansas City (white hot rod)  4. Vixen Pin-Up Photgraphy, Nikki Moreno-Whipple, Kansas City (red satin)
Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? These were actually all taken in 2012... Though I've been doing pin up modeling since the middle of 2011, I really felt like I came into my own as a model in 2012. It was soooo hard to pick favorites! The Vixen ladies are so supportive and empowering to every client and you can't help but feel special. Roy Varga has this great tough girl vibe that I am just really drawn too. I just love the "get out of my kitchen" shot for that great Varga vibe it shows. The Elvgren is my favorite Elvgren pinup "Oh No You Don't" and I've always wanted to recreate it. The white hot rod is a favorite because I love the mix of colors and the expression Roy was able to capture. Finally the red satin was a favorite set for how all the colors came together and the hair and makeup were just perfect!

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?  I've always loved Elvgren pinups and classic pinup photography and I always wanted to be a rockabilly girl and a pin up, despite my very tomboy-ish ways. I just didn't know how to and honestly felt like there was no way I could be a girl like that, not to mention I felt uncomfortable in my own skin... Finally I got up the nerve and I started with my first shoot in April of 2011, which was for the Pinups for Pitbulls 2012 Calendar. Luckily I was chosen and made it in as Miss February. I think it took such an important cause close to my heart to give me the push I needed to start. I've been modeling steadily since and was published in the Atomic Bombshells inaugural issue along with you, the lovely Katty, was been featured in a how-to article written by Vixen and The Candy Shop that was published in Atomic Bombshells No. 5, and was just published twice in Retro Lovely No. 11 with photos by Roy Varga and Vixen..

 Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?  Rita Hayworth, Lucille Ball, Doris MayDay, Gia Genevieve, Christina Hendricks, Ludella Hahn (notice a pattern here, ha?) I really have always been drawn to strong redheaded (naturally or not) women. Being bullied for my red hair as a kid made me look for women that I saw as beautiful, even with red hair. Now I love the fact that I am a redhead!

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? Pinup Girl Clothing and Micheline Pitt are by far some of my favorites. I also love Stop Staring and Trashy Diva. 

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? Past: Bunny Yeager. The work she did not just with Bettie Page, but all of her body of work is amazing iconic pinup! Present: Celeste Giuliano because I love her work and classic take on the art and Viva Van Story because I love the modern twist on the Bunny Yeager style.

What is your favorite color and why? Blue, or shades of it like teal and turquoise. It's always been soothing to me and I've learned later in life it makes my eyes, tattoos and red hair "pop" on camera.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? Probably my grandmother. She is still living but she suffers from Alzheimer's. She is such a strong, fiercely independent lady and she was a role model to me growing up. I would love to have dinner with the person she was 10 years ago so I can hear all her stories one last time before they all disappear. 

How did you get your model name? I wanted something that included a nod to my signature red hair and was sassy at the same time. After running through a few combinations I picked one, which no one was using, so Voodoo LaRoux it was!

Daily Candy

Dress: Bettie Page Clothing
Crinoline: Vintage
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Hair Flower: Bombshell Blossoms

Photo by Jamie Fitzgerald

Thankful Thursday (My favorites)

I used to, and sometimes still do, get teased about being so fair of skin.  It doesn't bother me so much, as  an adult, because I know that I need to conscious of the health of my skin.  Don't get me wrong, I have suffered my fair share of sunburns and before prom always tanned to get a "glow", but one thing that I am especially glad of, I always had someone tell me to wear sunscreen.

My parents aren't terribly fair of skin, and one of my siblings tans rather easily, but myself and my sisters have pale skin, and really only burn, or maybe by the end of summer might have a sad tan.

Now that I am older, sunscreen is a daily part of my routine.  It is in my moisturizer, my lotion, my powder.  Pretty much anytime I can find something that has SPF in it, I get it.

Do you have a sunscreen routine?  Are you a person that easily burns, or do you tan?

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Suzy Starliner

Suzy Starliner / Website / Model Mayhem
Age: 25
Occupation: Stay at home mom / house manager 
Where are you from: Indianapolis, IN 
Favorite photographer to work with: So far Autumn Luciano, Sarah Hardcastle and Roy Varga 
Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? They were taken at the Gas Axe Garage by Sarah Hardcastle of Dynamite Dames Photography. They were taken, I believe May of 2012. I loved everything about the shoot. It was my first time working with the Dynamite Dames girl, I hit it off with Sarah and Vintage Flair right away. I loved how my my hair and make up looked, I loved how Sarah was so nice and great to work with. They both really know their stuff! 
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I have enjoyed photography since I was 16 years old. I did modeling off and on for my photography friends. I really started my pin up modeling a year ago. 
Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? Bettie Page will always hold a special place in my heart because she was the first pin up model I had ever seen. I was so taken back by her beauty, I knew I wanted to be like her. I was about 15 or 16 at that time. Since then I have come to really appreciate a all pin ups, I feel that they are all beautiful in their own ways. My current inspiration has been Brigitte Bardot. Not only was she a beautiful model but she is also an Animal Rights Activist. I had a ton of respect for her. 
What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? I love PIn Up Girl Clothing, Heart Breaker Fashion, Viven of Hollway and so many more. My favorite (currently) is  the Deadly Dames clothing line by Micheline Pitt. 

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? I know that Andy Warhol is not known for his photography compared to his other art but I would say him hands down. I can only imagine the greatest that man would create. 
What is your favorite color and why?My favorite color changed with my mood : ) but right now I am going to say that butterscotch is my favorite color. I am just simply drawn to it. 
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? Marie Antoinette, I have so much I would ask her. So many stories I would want to hear. She is someone who I look up to. I belive she was very misunderstood but truly was a good person with good intentions. I even have a portrait of her on my left arm. 
How did you get your model name? After my first few pin up shoots, I thought that it was time to come up with a pin up name. I made many list but just couldn't figure out 'the one.' So, my boyfriend comes home from work and we are talking about it. He finally says to me how about Suzy Starliner. See, my favorite car is the 1961 Ford Starliner and of course my boyfriends knows all about how much I love that car, he is the one who actually showed me the car for the first time. So, my pin up name came to be thanks to him. 

Daily Candy with Steady Clothing!

Skirt: Steady  Shirt: Marshals Belt: Marshals Shoes: Shoe Dazzle 
MUA: Candy Cunningham Hair: Nikki Moreno-Whipple

Steady Clothing is an awesome company that I am honored to get to share!  I have already reviewed one of their dresses, and this is a skirt by Steady, The High Thrills Skirt.

The skirt comes in Black and Red, and I, obviously, selected the red.  As most women, I have one too many black skirts, so I was excited to introduce a red one into the rotation.  Not only is this skirt super flattering, it a very light weight!  During the summer, in the midwest, it can by humid, and nothing makes you sweat faster than heavy fabrics!

I thought I would style this for the upcoming holiday and do a little patriotic twist.  I paired my skirt with a striped top, royal blue belt and royal blue shoes.  This outfit would easily transition with a simple pair of white or blue flip flops to make it less dressy and more casual, if you were to be attending a picnic or family barbeque.

How would you style your own High Thrills Skirt?

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week

I love all these succulent ideas.  I think my new weekend project will be to plant some succulent arrangements.  Do you have any favorite plants or flowers that you keep?

Stay Sweet,

Pop Sugar MustHave Box #8

I can't believe I have already received 8 of these boxes! I really do enjoy coming home, finding this box on my porch, and the unloading the goodness!!!  This box I feel had a good mix of items, ones that I will (and have already) used.

 If you haven't signed up yet, you should! For $35, you get over $100 worth of products, plus if you use the link below, you will get $5 off your first order!

Use this link to get $5 off your first month. 

I have seen this product when I was out shopping before, but had never tried it.  Well, not only is this moisturizer pretty awesome, I love the scent.  It is very light weight and dries almost instantly, which is perfect for summertime.  I will say the jar/dispenser is a little awkward, but I can look past that because the product is awesome.

Must Have Fashion ~ Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf
I am a scarf lover, so I was super pleased to get this.  I love the color combo that I got (navy, white and neon pink) and this will look great carried into the fall. It is super long and a light scarf, perfect for summer date nights.  

I loved the first book, The Devil wears Prada, and I know I will love the second. In fact, I have loved all of Lauren W's books.  They are clever, a fun and easy read, and perfect for summer. Plus, it is a hard back edition! Thanks PopSugar!

I was sold on the packaging.  I love a clever idea with clever packaging.  The mints are good, and I would recommend them!

Must Have Extra ~ Popcorn, Indiana Fit Popcorn
One of my all time favorite snacks! This popcorn is good. I got the Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavor and I like it.  The Mr said eating it wouldn't make him lose his self respect (he loves to eat white cheddar smart pop popcorn which is high in calories) and that made me laugh, as I grabbed another handful.  

Must Have Fitness ~Hard Candy Fitness DVD.
This I could have gone without.  I am not really a fan of fitness DVD's and never really have been.  I might check it out.

Stay Sweet,

Pinup Perfect Retro Blue Eyeshadow

Thankful Thursday (My favorites)

I have never been a heavy drinker.  Don't get me wrong within some social situations I will drink, but I don't drink to get super, mega drunk, or at least I haven't in a long time.

Now with that being said, I do love to drink tea.  Whether it is iced tea, hot tea, tea lattes, tea lemonade, whatever it is, I am sold!  My mother introduced the comfort of tea early in my life.  Whenever I felt sick, there was always a cup of hot tea with lemon, honey, and cream.  Whenever I was done with track or cheerleading practice, a large glass of iced tea was always waiting.

I have found comfort and solace in a cup or glass, but it not one filled with an adult beverage.  I have found comfort and relaxation, as well as social conversation and many a problem solved.

Stay Sweet,

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Apple Angel

Apple Angel // Website // Twitter // Website

Age: 36

Occupation: professional model, burlesque performer and producer

Where are you from: Oklahoma City, OK

Favorite photographer: I have a few... Dirk Hooper and Dynamite Dames
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? over a decade
Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?
Elizabeth Taylor is always an icon for me. She was who she wanted to be and didn't care what others thought of her. As far as present day... I adore Doris Mayday, Ms. Redd and Tess Munster. Doris for her class, Ms. Redd for her sass and Tess for her moxie.
What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?
Deadly Dames, Agent Provocateur, Pinup Girl Clothing, Torrid
If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be?
Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Patrick Demarchelier

What is your favorite color and why? yellow and orange. They both are just energy for me! My grandmother's favorite color was yellow and she always was so positive. When I am feeling down I can put on something yellow and just feel better.
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be?
Mick Jagger and David Bowie. It would be so incredible to talk about music and art and their lives. Both of these men have influenced my life in many ways. It's rather personal to me, actually.
How did you get your model name? it's a long story that is kind of sweet and a little funny. I was a radio personality in the 1990's at KEBC radio in Oklahoma City. My boss was Jeff Angel (now of Indianapolis). He was a great guy to work with and get to know. We lost touch for a long time but reconnected a few years ago thanks to social media. When we met up again he introduced me to his incredible wife, who does burlesque (Angel Burlesque). Well, when I decided to perform burlesque I found it only fitting that Jeff be a part of my 2nd professional a/k/a. (He named me Nicki South when I was on the radio). So, I asked his wife if I could take his name and that's where Apple Angel came from.

Daily Candy

Dress: Hell Bunny 
Shoes: Bordellos
Hair and Makeup: Emily Dodge
Photography: Lu's Pinup's

This dress is one of my favorite summer purchases!  It has pineapples, parrots, and tropical leaves.  I have already worn it several times and I don't think I will ever tire of the kitchsiness of the dress!

Do you have a favorite summer time "print" you like to wear?

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I like my nails a little crazy.  I thought these were fun ideas that you may see very soon.

Thankful Thursday (My favorites)

I was taught at a very young age to have a thankful heart.  It not anything, a thankful heart.  I don't know whether it was upbringing, or southern tradition, but thank you cards and notes are not something reserved for wedding or baby showers, at least by what I was taught.

However, thankfulness is so much more than saying 'thank you'.  To me, it is truly taking the time to notice that someone, something, anything is giving enough of themselves, or itself, to recognize.  I want  to always move forward with gratefulness.  I want to always take notice of kindness.  I feel that it is super easy to miss, especially with how busy people are, how unattached from society we have become, and how little we actually know about one another.  I vaguely know my next door neighbors, I don't really know what my cousins are up to these days, I sometimes go a long while without actually talking to my siblings and parents, and all of that is very sad to me.

One of my favorite things, or a thing to be thankful for, is receiving something in the mail. I LOVE it more than anything, to open my mail box, and pull out something, hand addressed, just for me.  When someone takes the time to actually write you a note, or send you a little something, to me, that is everything.  When was the last time you received something in the mail, other than bills?  I bet it is hard to remember.

I am always looking for a Pen Pal.  If you live outside of the USA, please email me, and lets make each other thankful to check the mail again!  chroniclesofasweettooth@gmail.com

What is something you are thankful for?

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ June Storm

 June Storm // Facebook // Website

Age: 33
Ocupation: Health Care Professional/ Editor & Chief of Lush Kittens PinUp Magazine
Where are you from? I'm a small town Canadian girl born in Toronto Onatrio, and raised in A rural community just east of London Ontario, called Woodstock. Small town living is where I'm happiest, and where my family is content.
Favorite Photographer to work with: I can honestly say that I don't have a favorite photographer thus far, as each photographer I have had the pleasure to work with, have each taught me something, made me feel special and beautiful and have all inspired me to be better with each photo shoot I do. As I book more shoots, with new photographers, and even one's I have already worked with, I develop more confidence both within myself and infront of the camera. It wouldn't be fair to choose just one when they have all helped me to bceome the woman I am and continue to evolve into.
Dana Brushette Photography
MUAH: Joy Klapko
A Rita Hayworth Inspired Shoot
See Why Photography
MUA: Laura Schell
Hair: Aoife Fraser
Intrigue Photography
MUAH: June Storm
*this was my first pin up photo shoot
Viva Van Story
MUA: Margherita Tisato
Hair: Viva Van Story
Dynamite Dames Photography
MUAH: Vintage Flair
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
When I was a teenager, about the age of 13, I decided to try modeling, and dabble a bit in beauty pageants. It was short lived, as I was too immature to deal with losing and wasn't quite comfortable in my own skin....while growing and maturing and going through that dreaded thing called puberty.
After having four beautiful children, going through some extremely difficult and traumatic times in my life, I finally met my life partner. The person who supported my dreams, encouraged me to be better and gave me strength to do whatever I set my mind to. I had always secretly longed to be a pin up, but never acted on it because I was afraid of rejection. After much encouragement and assurance that I was perfect for it, I decided to dive in and give it a second try. After booking a shoot with a local photographer, a boudoir session exploded into a road trip to New Jersey to shoot with Viva Van Story about a year ago, and it has evolved from there. It's been a learning experience and an extremely motivational journey thus far, and I am excited about what the future has to offer. I only hope to bring some inspiration to others who also have uncertainties about themselves.........we are all in charge of our own fate and can do whatever and be whatever it is that we dream to be!

Who are your favorite Pin Up Models?
Oh boy, this is a tough question to answer as I have so many favorites, so many inspirational ladies that I adore! Bettie page is for sure one that I am inspired by, with her sassy, naughty sex appeal and fun spirited attitude. Marilyn Monroe is without a doubt another I love. Her beautiful smile, curvy body and "girl next door" appeal is always a sure winner with me. As for modern day pin up's, well undoubtedly I would have to say I am fascinated by Dita Von Teese......classic elegance, talented, fantastic performer and an extremely intelligent woman. But of course, these three ladies are not my only favorites, as I look to so many for isnpiration.
What is some of your favorite clothing lines?
Well I must admit that two of my absolute favorite companies to shop, are Pin Up Girl Clothing and Bettie Page. I always find a dozen or more things when I shop these two companies. The dresses, the shoes and accessories always embody true vintage style and fit like a glove! When I put on a dress I like it to hug all the right places,accentuate my assets, feel great and be of superior quality at an affordable price, and I have never had a bad experience with either company or the products.
If you could shoot with a photographer past or present, who would it be? Well as of now, I currently have a "Photographer Bucket List", which is a list I keep adding to, as there are so many talented photographers out there. Three of the photographers on my list that I hope to work with in the near future are Roy Varga, Autumn Luciano (already booked) And Shimona Henry! All very different styles, all are fabulous!
What is your favorite color and why? I know that I look the best in yellow, but my favorite colour is purple. A nice deep purple always makes me feel pretty and oddly....thinner.

How did you get your model name? My modeling name came about in kind of a strange manner. I chose my birth month, and wanted to mix it with something that sounded fierce. At the time I came up with my name there was a hurricane happening accross the other side of the continent. I thought "a hurricane is fierce", however June Hurricane just didn't sound right, so I went with the next best thing....June Storm! I know, silly isn't it, but hey it works and I will always remember the time in which I formed my name.
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? I would have to say that dinner with Bing Cosby would be the best!!! He could sarinade me, waltz me accross the dance floor and sarinade me some more. That man sure could sing, and knock the socks off (or panties) pretty much any woman he locked eyes with or sang to. A true legend in my eyes, and a beyond talented man that brought so much to the world with his amazing voice and ability to transform into any character.