Watching: Still watching Mad Men, Hannibal, Bomb Girls, and I think I am going to start watching Bates Hotel.  Do you have any television shows that you adore?

Thinking about: I cannot wait to get my new kindle in the mail.  My old one decided to stop working, so I just saved a little and ordered a new one.  It should be in this week.

Listening to: Connie Francis station on Pandora.  I love to mix of 50's and 60's music that it offers.  All female lead singers and lots of summer tunes to move and grove to.

Looking forward to:  The Rust Revival Car Show this upcoming weekend.  We are heading out of town with friends and it should be a lot of fun.  The best way to kick off summer!

Making me happy: Just updated my bedroom.  It went to pale blues and grays to jewel tones and warmth. I changed out the bedding, wall art, and curtains and it has changed the look of the room entirely. I love it!

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