Watching: Shameless. Oh my gawd, so funny.  I am watching the US version, not the UK version.  It is a show about a very messed up family and all the shenannigans they get into

Thinking about: the families that were affected by the Oklahoma Tornado. I live, technically, in Tornado Alley, and every spring/summer there is always going to be weather that runs its natural course, but when I ruins an area that is riddled with children, it is always much harder to swallow.  

Listening to: Band of Horse radio on pandora.  Sweet, calming, beautifulness.

Looking forward to:  Memorial Day Weekend.  I don't really have any plans, but sometimes not having plans are the best kind of plans.  Do you do anything special to celebrate the unofficial start of summer?

Making me happy:  Summer time!!! Warm weather means patio time, pool time, and just celebrating the bounty of a sumer garden.

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