Wacky Apple and a GIVEAWAY!

Wacky Apple is a new brand of apple products created just for kids! Wacky Apple products are made from naturally sweet organic apples, free of pesticides, processed in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region.  Wacky Apple products contain no sugar, no added water, no artificial colors, or preservatives. Wacky Apple makes simply good organic food kids can’t stop eating! Our tasty products are both healthy and appealing!

Wacky Apples are hand grown along with cherries and apricots on 460 acres of land in the Rocky Mountain region in the agricultural North Fork Valley of Western Colorado. From orchard to plate, your children eat only what nature intended.

I was able to sample a wonderful pack of yummies from this company, and amazing just doesn't cut it!  My favorite were the fruit flats (think of a fruit roll-up, only 50 times better) and the juices were so yummy! Apple Cinnamon is one of my favorite combinations and the apple cinnamon apple sauce is to die for!

Now, I don't have kids, but man, oh man this company makes some delicious goods!!  I usually find myself trying to get good things for my lunch, so I am making smart choices AND spending less money.  You all should know that I have been a vegetarian for 26 years and I opt for organic things when I can! Plus their site houses some Adult beverage recipes too!  Check these out:

Do you enjoy Cosmos? Looking for a quick, easy & delicious Martini?

Combine the following in a shaker full of ice:
- 2 shots organic vodka
- 2 shot Wacky Apple Wildberry Juice
Shake Vigorously
Pour into your favorite martini glass, twist a slice of lemon on top, and garnish with a blackberry!

Love Apple Martini’s? Dislike the green “stuff” they normally come with?

Try this organic Wacky Apple Martini! It is sure to be a hit!
Combine in a shaker full of ice:
- 2 shot glasses of Organic Vodka
- 1 shot glass of Wacky Apple Juice
Shake Vigorously
Pour into you favorite martini glass, garnish with and apple slice and enjoy!

Be sure to enter the giveaway and get this awesome prize pack that is up for grabs:

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  1. My favorite way to eat an apple is to peel it completely and dip it in caramel. Shameless I know ;)

  2. Granny smith with cookie butter! YUM