Sweet Sunday

My great-grandmother was notorious for always having something available for guests to eat when they stopped by.  In fact, she had an entire deepfreeze dedicated to only homemade pies.  

"You never know when you might have an unexpected guest."  Those were her rules.  Have a pie ready, and always be a gracious host.

I don't have the time, nor the place to store an unlimited amount of pies, I do however have a quick little cheat sheet to use incase I find myself in this situation.

  • Strawberries sliced and sprinkled with sugar are always a great go to!  If you happen to have some pound cake, even better.

  • Sliced bananas drizzled with a quick caramel sauce (melt together butter and brown sugar) topped with chopped walnuts or pecans
  • Pear slices sauteed in butter and brown sugar until tender

I hope this gives you a few ideas for your next gathering.

Stay Sweet

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