Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Carla Lune

Carla Lune // Facebook // Tumblr

Age: 25

Occupation: Young Entrepreneur. Boutique Co-owner.

Where are you from: Puerto Rico

Favorite photographer to work with: 

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)
José H. Feliciano Photo
Abdias Cintrón Photography

          Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
I’ve been featured different Pinup blogs and online magazines and got a few features on the way on printed editions.
The photo shoot I enjoyed the most was the “boudoir” one I did last summer. I had a lot of fun during the shooting because I would never thought of posing like that in pictures and actually, it was not planned. I was changing to another outfit and had that underneath. My sister was helping me in the studio. The photographer and her kind of made me pose in “undies” and we all ended up loving the results of the pictures. I feel like I represent that a fuller figure can look and feel beautiful and sexy and not be ashamed of it. Basically going against the typical “perfect and thin” body that we are use to see all over the media.

        How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
I can say that since I was a kid I've always been inspired by Vintage, glamour and Hollywood actresses. My experiences with photographers started at a very young age but definitely were not Pinup inspired yet (I was way too young for that). Pin Up modeling started almost two years ago and loving every minute of it. One day I woke up and said to my self "Let me just try it" and made my obsession with Pinup Art part of my life.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?

As cliché as this may sound, of course I love Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Glamour, the gorgeous Ava Gardner and the iconic Betty Grable. But what inspired me the most were Gil Elvgren art and the Bomber Girls. I'm an aviation enthusiast and I find fascinating the purpose of the airplanes Nose Art.
Another inspirations would be Idda van Munster and Mosh. They always look so stunning in every picture! As Pinups modeling has grow so much lately, there are a lot of woman that inspire me everyday. I love the fact that so many women feel so beautiful and accept themselves for who they are and embrace it.

        What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?
I adore the Stop Staring! clothing line and Pinup Girl Boutique (great quality). But mostly, I go for Vintage Findings online or charity stores. I've found very interesting pieces and accessories over the years and sometimes I also make my own clothes. And about high couture designers, I like D&G and PRADA that makes amazing and sophisticated pieces inspired by past eras.

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be?

Imagine working with Steven Meisel or Nick Night photography!
I follow a lot of Pinup pages and blogs and I’ve seen amazing work from different photographers and studios “pinup related”. As I mentioned before that Gil Elvgren Pinups are my biggest inspiration, I would LOVE to work with Celeste Giuliano Photography. Her work is amazing!  No doubt I would get on a plane and get to Philly.

         What is your favorite color and why?
Blue. My parents once told me it was the first color I said and could identify when I was a baby. It has always been my favorite color, even through every phase I've been in my rebel/adolescent years. I believe is a nice color with great variations and shades. It looks good in clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up. Also I think it goes well with my skin color. 

          If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be?
Oh my, I would love to have James Dean as a Date!
I think it would be so much fun having a few beers with Elvis or some whisky drinks with Johnny Cash. And of course go for a coffee, a nice dinner or a ladies night out with a lot of Pin up ladies dead and alive like Idda Van Munster, Mosh, Dita, Tessmunster, Ashley Marie Rosas, Monroe, Grable, and many more! 

           How did you get your model name?
My model name comes from my real last name "Luna" which means Moon in Spanish. I have French heritage, so I decided to honor it, so "Lune" means Moon in french. 

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