Watching: Season Two of Bomb Girls on REELZ.  Oh so good. The plot lines are not so great, but the makeup, hair, and clothing, SWOON.

Thinking about: A new fence.  Oh geez.  We need a new fence like no body's business.  I can't wait to see how much better it will look with a fence that is not down and dangling by a string.  Make my house, look like a home, is something that I take pride in.

Reading: at this point, kindle is still down. Bummer.  It is either new one, or start reading it via kindle app.

Looking forward to:  My girlie nail date, my upcoming shoot for Tattoo Envy, and well hopefully some new tattoos soon.  I have to save up a little more and then get back in to finish my right arm sleeve and start on my shins.  Eek!

Making me happy:  Peach Black Iced Tea, puppy snuggles, crafting, blooming tulips, and new spring dresses!