Watching: I just finished season one of Call the Midwife. Oh so good!  It is on PBS, and well worth the watch. I, however, have been having crazy pregnancy dreams now. 

Thinking about: My planting season, and how I am going to spruce up my yard.  I already purchased two galvanized tubs to put near my bird bath.  I am thinking of plant a small shrub in each and then filling it with pansy for now, since I have no idea if it is going to stay warm.  All of my flower beds need new mulch and I just got out my planters, so I have yet to "lay out a planting plan".

Reading: Well, my Kindle decided that it won't work, I am trying to decide if I should pony up and get a new one (I have had this one for 4 years) or pay to get it fixed. UGH.

Looking forward to:  This weekend is Rock 'n Roll Prom, and I am sooooo beyond excited.  Pictures to follow!  I have a couple of dresses to choose from, so we shall see!!!

Making me happy:  Chocolate Covered Coconut Luna Bars. Oh. My. Gawd.  So good. So unbelievably good.