Ode to Shoes

I am a die hard shoe fanatic.  Most of my friends know this, and when they need a pair of shoes, they know where to come, and who to come to.

I call my shoes, a collection, because really, they are a collection. A shoe is always going to fit, no matter what time of the month it is.  A shoe can make or break an outfit.  You might have the most amazing dress, makeup is looking perfect, and your hair is your crowning glory, but if you are rocking a clog on your tootsies, well I would say, your outfit is broken.

I am never bummed out when I am shopping for shoes, and I usually never leave empty handed.  Over the years the heel may have grown in inches, but I love them all the same.

If I find a woman that says she is not a "heel girl", I take it as a personal challenge.  I want to help shape the stigma that heels have.  Heels should be viewed as the empowerment of females.  Shoes have the ability to make you look sharp.  They have the ability to make you look fun, and they also have the ability to make you look dominant.

Give you shoes some height and they will give you the world.


  1. Oh yes! It makes me sad (and confused) when women are against heels! Whaat?! They are fabulous. For all the reasons you listed and more. These pictures are so creepy but I love em'!

  2. I am not against heels. I just never wear them. I am clutzy and fall down in flats, so heels are just an invitation to land on my face. (which I have done before). Plus as I have never worn them, so I cannot walk in them. My pet hate is girls wearing heels who cannot walk in them properly. A limp and a shuffle instead? If I find a heel I like I buy them for my daughter who can walk, run and move in heels like they are an extension of her leg.