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 Age: Ain't nothin' but a number.  :)  Beauty comes in many ages, so why count if it doesn't matter?  :)

 Occupation: Small Business Owner of Where The Little Things Are, Inc.; Online Shopkeeper; Fashion/Graphic Designer: Kaotic Rebel Designs; Print/Live/Runway Model; Multimedia Artist; Sometime Actress; Short Story Writer; Artistic/Fashion Community Networker/Facilitator/Scout.  Where business and creativity combine, that's where you'll find me.

Where are you from: Native Oregonian, now residing in Phoenix, AZ.

Favorite photographer to work with:  Many, but one is my first pinup photographer, Fallen Apple Photography, in Oregon.  She is creative and fun during shoots and uses artistic angles.

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)
(1)*(IMG_7179) Model/MUAH/Stylist: Purrversia  Photographer: Fallen Apple Photography  Bunny Dress: Kaotic Rebel Designs  Location: Oregon 2009
(2)*(_MG_3914) Model/Stylist: Purrversia  Photographer: Joey Couture Photography  MUAH: Stevie Rosalie  Stars & Stripes Dress: Kaotic Rebel Designs  Location: Arizona 2012
(3)*(392535...) Model: Purrversia  Photographer/Stylist: As You Wish Photography  MUA: Makeup by Sabina  Location: Arizona 2012
(4)*(IMG_8648)  Model/MUAH/Stylist: Purrversia  Photographer: Ted Scanon Photography  Choker/Top/Corset/Armwarmers: Kaotic Rebel Designs  Location: Arizona 2012
(5)*(Niels...) Model: Purrversia  Photographer: Niels Johnson-Laird  MUA: Lexxx FX Studios  Location: Washington 2011
(6)*(300447...) Model/MUAH/Stylist: Purrversia  Photographer: Tonia Land  Location: Arizona 2012

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
I have many favorites, but I selected these few to show a bit of range in pinup and makeup styles, since I do many types of modeling.  (1) Red Umbrella: I like how all the colors pop and the nature included in this picture angle with my face towards the overcast sun from my second shoot with Fallen Apple Photography.  (2) Patriotic: I had wanted to do a shoot in this handmade dress I designed for a while, and when I found out about upcoming pinup magazine submission themes related to it, I collaborated on the concept with the wonderful team of MUAH Stevie Rosalie and photographer Joey Couture.  I LOVE how this set turned out, and it is one of my favorite pinup shoots to date.  (3) Goth Glam: This photo came about when I wanted to shoot a "glitz & glam" theme for a magazine submission that I had planned entirely differently.  My original photographer dropped out at the last minute and I saw a makeup inspiration on (Sabina) a MUA's page, so I came up with a different idea, found a new photographer in As You Wish and together, we created this finished look.  Whenever I show my portfolio or people see this picture on my page, they always have nice things to say, so it's not only one of my favorites, its a fan favorite.  :)  It was also the cover for that magazine, so I couldn't have asked for a much better turn of events.  (4) Pink Bunny:  One of my nicknames is bunny, and I wanted to add a touch of alternative style to my pinup look, so I created this spring/Easter themed outfit for my first shoot with Ted Scanon.  I liked that he was familiar with the Vargas girl style, and I like the glow effect that seems to add to the soft cuteness of it.  (5) Harley Quinn: I like to cosplay/costume as characters, so sometimes I'll add a bit of pinup fun or expression to those shoots, as well.  My makeup artist Lexxx FX Studios whipped up a very comfortable version of her facepaint look, and the costume (and my easygoing and amusing photographer, Niels Johnson-Laird) made it very easy to get into character.  The colors really stand out here, too.  One interesting fact about many of the pinup shoots I have done in studio is that I have introduced photographers with no pinup experience to creating that way.  I see that they have an eye for lighting and angle when I pick them, and I add a lot of the poses and looks in the style to make it easier to photograph.  I like to expand their artistic abilities by trying something new, and so far, that risk has turned out wonderfully.  (6) Catwoman: Though I would like to own/create an outfit in vinyl with the accurate stitching from the Batman Returns costume, this is my recent version of her, and I like how the city background makes the outfit stand out.  It also shows my dedication to costuming/modeling, when you realize that it was over 100 degrees outside the day this was taken, and being covered head-to-toe in black PVC is incredibly hot.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? 
Technically modeling since a young age (just playing dress up) to work in high school then the past few years more diving right in to create all kinds of looks and art in print/live/runway.  I like working with fellow creatives and showing off their hard work, as well as mine.  I have been enjoying photography of many kinds for as long as I can remember, and I do practice those skills as well (sometimes with nature/buildings and other times with models).

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? 
Bettie Page is my favorite pinup model, with a classic curvy form celebrating the womanly shape and a great personality that shined in photos.  She could make a shot look easy and fun or naughty.  I am inspired by many of the styles from the 1940s & 1950s and combine them and/or modernize them to create my own pinup looks.  Old movies with actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield and more all contributed to my idea of glamour.  Artists like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren added to the playfulness of the pinup photo. 

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?
I like many of the vintage-inspired outfits on, but locally, we have a designer, V Vintage, who makes adorable vintage-styled clothing for all sizes (as well as sells truly vintage clothing, from many eras).  Generally, I like Betsey Johnson as a well-known modern designer, since she makes both classic styles and fun party outfits. 

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be?
Laura Dark for my gothic avant-garde style and Roy Varga for pinup, though the list I would love to work with is very long.  Annie Leibovitz and Bunny Yeager are female photographer inspirations, as well. 

What is your favorite color and why?
Usually somewhere between a blue red and royal blue, so anything in-between, like purple, but I also like candy pinks, black and electric blue.  Anything that works with my skin tone is usually what I like, especially bright colors like fuchsia. 

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be?
Michael Jackson.  A fellow creative and talented Virgo, I grew up with his fashion/musical/dancing/charitable influence, and it brought me a lot of joy over the years.  I love talking to imaginative people who understand the need to express themselves artistically and who appreciate any time others enjoy their hard work. 

How did you get your model name?
It is actually my 'superhero' name, given to me by college friends writing a comic about our core social group, created from my power to turn anything said into something funny and naughty that would come to life, the 'perv' sound and my love of Catwoman, the 'Purr' spelling, as a female heroine/villain, since I have an affinity for cats, whips (just as props) and shiny vinyl/PVC.  I use it as my model name because I've never seen it with the same spelling (so it's fairly unusual) and it keeps the confusion down when there are multiple models about with the same name being called, say, at a fashion show.  I have found that it is often mispronounced, however.  It actually sounds like Purr-VUHR-jhuh, outloud, NOT Purr-vuhr-SEE-uh.  :)  Haha.

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