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I am in love, and it is with a company that has an amazing message! Delicious Dames is just a sweet little group of amazing women, who want to deliver the message, internationally, that YOU, just the way you are, is quite an amazing package!

Delicious Dames is a website designed to help shape the perceptions women have of themselves, the media, and overall body wellness. Our audience is anyone who embodies our mission to promote body wellness in America.

The Content on the site is meant to compliment and support any advice or treatment you may be currently undergoing from a health care professional. If you or someone you know has an Eating Disorder, seek professional attention immediately.

One thing that I am asked constantly in about body image.  I will tell you, I haven't always had a 'body positive' outlook.  Throughout junior high and high school, I was in gymnastics and cheerleading, and if there was ever a sport where you are always conscious of your body, those two sports are the top of the leader board.  I remember thinking that I never wanted to weigh over 100 pounds.  That is the being of the end.

I am not so sure as to why we put so much effort into weighing a certain number, but I know I am guilty of looking at the scale, cringing, then wanting to skip lunch.  I want to finally know in my head and heart that I am perfection, just the way I am.  I want to strive to be healthy, happy, and fabulous.

Please be sure to check out this wonderful website and community, and take the pledge yourself!  I know you will love it

Stay Sweet,

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