90 Days to a Better Me

*This is a new start that I am going to be doing, pre-new years resolutions.  This is just little things that I want to do to improve upon myself, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.  If you want to join in via Twitter use hashtag #90DaysToABetterMe or tag me via Facebook @kattydelux*

Day(s) one - thirty
Day Thirty One: Sew something.  How do I not know how to sew?
Day Thirty Two: Get an emergency pack set up in my home
Day Thirty Three: Clean out my kitchen, make it more accessible. 
Day Thirty Four: Clean out my closet
Day Thirty Five: Lose 10 lbs in January
Day Thirty Six: Eat oatmeal every day.
Day Thirty Seven: Share my poetry
Day Thirty Eight: Take a dance class in 2013
Day Thirty Nine: Be nicer to myself
Day Forty: Find a word to make my motto this year
Day Forty One: Get a facial once a season
Day Forty Two: Get a massage once a month
Day Forty Three: More girl time with my friends
Day Forty Five: Eat at one new fancy place, once a month
Day Forty Six: Pet all of my dogs, really well, every day
Day Forty Seven: Eat more fruit
Day Forty Eight: Write.
Day Forty Nine: Walk at lunch
Day Fifty: Slow down during the weekends.
Day Fifty One: Budget better to ensure I grocery shop every week
Day Fifty Two: Be kinder to my body
Day Fifty Three: When I feel stress, remove myself from the situation
Day Fifty Four: Share more with friends and family
Day Fifty Five: Lower my cholesterol on my own accord
Day Fifty Six: Find a new favorite tea
Day Fifty Seven: Drink more water
Day Fifty Eight: Walk ELLIOTT WALK!!!!
Day Fifty Nine: Apple Cider Vinegar.

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