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Where are you from?
I'm from Spanaway Washington....but I've lived in Tacoma Washington for over 10 years.  So my instincts want to say TACOMA!!

How did you get your store started?
I was already familiar with a button maker because I worked at a independent print shop for 5 years and we did buttons on the side.  That business went under and I eventually started working at a factory....not really my thing!  I was cruising on ebay and saw this person making jewelry out of button medallions and I thought that looked like fun.  I didn't realize all of the possibilities there was with a 1 inch and 2.25 inch button machines.  Now 3 years later...my store is one of the biggest button/accessories stores online!!

What inspires you?
all things vintage, old and odd!  I have a "dark,odd,spooky" shop section that has 200 items in it.  The other 700 items are all vintage/retro fun, cute but still unique items.

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items?
I've had a ebay store for a few years. I just started this etsy store 7 months ago....I've had other etsy accounts but shhhh we can't talk about that:)  I'm always really into what I'm doing at the moment...I just did these sets of vintage figurines on fun background buttons...I tried to do the same thing with vintage halloween figures but it didn't have the same appeal.  I also just did a vintage camper/rv/airstream set, that was a lot of fun.  Honestly a lot of my favorite items are NOT even listed on my online stores because of copyright issues.  I vend locally and sell 1,000 of comic, cartoon, novelty, movie, music and just down right COOL stuff!!

what celebrity would you most like to wear/indorse/use your items?
Elvira, Deborah Harry, Punky Brewster (when she was young), Siouxsie Sue, Depeche Mode band members, Elizabeth Fraser...I admire MANY movie directors but because of there age and style I do not think they would wear my pins (or jewelry:)

if you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

what is your biggest pet peeve?
none motivated, lazy, slow people.  Sometimes I peeve myself!

what are your favorite websites?
etsy.comebay.comyoutube.comcopious.compaypal.com;) and google search!

what would people be surprised to learn about you?
I know that the world is thankfully changing and the fact that I'm a mother of 3 is not that shocking anymore but before I had 3 of them hanging off of me and it was obvious that I'm the mom.....I would be in public with my first daughter and my sisters and it was always assumed that my sisters were the mom and the "stranger" was always amazed (and looked a lil disappointed) that I was the mom.....but society has changed a bit in the last 10 years and I guess I have too!

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