Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Holly Lujah

Holly Lujah
Occupation: Floral Designer/ Horticulture Technician

Where are you from: Midland, TX (Born in Abilene, TX) but I've been in Houston for about 12 years

Favorite photographer to work with: That's hard...but I will say Paper Moon by Charlie Girl. She was just very comfortable to work with and her MUAH people are fantastic!

Featured photo(s):
 The first one is Papermoon by Charlie Girl out of Dallas- shot in Houston- and is a tiki theme- MUAH by Charlie Gill and Shana Lira
I adore the theme and the brilliant colors. It was an outdoor shoot so the lighting was amazing and the colorful tiki dress I wore brought out the sunshine. It
is a handmade piece by my friend Cassandra Chaos- owner of Pinup One- who makes clothing specific to your measurements for an affordable price and great quality. I wish ALL my clothes were custom made!
. I love to be outdoors so this shoot suited me best!
The second is Dynamite Dames- out of Dallas- shot in Houston- and is an Elvgrin reproduction (Sara is a great photographer too) MUAH by Vintage Flair
Sara was so nice and great to work with. She really made me feel like we were just old friends having fun but she was still very professional. The garments she had on hand to choose from were spectacular.

The third is K of K Photography_ here in Houston- at an old theatre downtown with me as a cigarette girl (Unedited- newest shoot)- MUAH by Myself
We didn't get very many shots in this theatre before we were asked to leave or pay $150 to shoot there, (haha) , but the few we got were worth it. I put this costume together myself. I handmade the tray and the hat and got the outfit pieces from goodwill.
The fourth is Thieving Magpie Photography- out of Carolton, TX outside outside of Dallas- shot in Carolton (very good friend and artist- Kamryn Behee) MUAH by Myself
A fun shoot I did with my sister for my birthday. This was only my 2nd professional shoot and a first for my sister. I had gone to school with the photographer and hadn't seen her in over 15 years! She was kind enough to take some amazing photos of us at a discounted price and she did a wonderful job!
The dress I wore here was also handmade by none other than Pin Up One- Cassandra Chaos
The fifth is Kingwood Pinups- from Kingwood, TX -outside of Houston- shot in Kingwood ( Awesome people and great at what they do) MUAH by Jessica Garza
I'm a songbird of an era gone by in this cool black and white. This was my very first professional shoot and this husband and wife team made me so comfortable as we laughed along the way. They are very open, friendly people that will do whatever they can to meet your every request down to the editing details afterward. Jessica Garza is a true artist of the hair and makeup. She is consistently good and keeps the look unique to each person.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
I've been getting together with friends and doing "modeling " with a blanket on the wall and a cheap camera since I was a kid. It's something I've always been told I should do but I guess I never had the gumption or the courage until this past couple of years. I now know that it's DOING the shoots that gives you the confidence, not having to have confidence in the first place to do them. I enjoy it and love the idea of being involved in something that not only celebrates
 women  of all sizes, shapes, and race, but truly embraces the curvy voluptuous woman that I am. I love all things vintage from the cars (drool) - I want a Bel Air sooo baaad, -to the fashion and music and the ideals of a simpler more innocent time. I've made so many good friends that share my passions and it's nice to find that sense of sisterhood.
I relish the thought that one day when my youth is gone, I will have these pictures to show my future generations that granny was beautiful, and was a part of something spectacular! 

Favorite clothing designers?
Pin Up Girl clothing is undeniably at the top of their game with drool worthy pin up couture repros and new items 
all the time but I have yet to purchase from them. Unique Vintage and Babygirl Boutique have more affordable choices. I tend to either go to resale  or thrift centers and put together an outfit or purchase online from ebay- 
finding Hellbunny and Rockabilly Pschobilly lines for more affordable prices. There aren't many retailers here in
Houston that carry a good variety of what I'm looking for, but I have found some things at my local Red Rocket 

that carries Lux deVille handbags and Betty Page Clothing as well as some adorable shoes!  

If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?

 I've always dreamed of a Roy Varga shoot. He seems to really be able to find the right angles and the color and lighting of his photos are brilliant. Bad Bones Photography,  Lone Star Pin Ups, Angela Morales, and Tim Hunter have all caught my eye and I would be honored for a chance to shoot with them as well!

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