Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week

It is the last Monday of 2012, and I have to say, I am so excited.  Tonight we will get to read our memory jar, and possibly with the inclement weather, we may just be spending the evening at home with our pups, a pizza, and lot of movies.

Do you have any special plans for ringing in the new year?

Stay Sweet,

Week in Review

We finished all our Christmases.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up our year.  We spent time in Springfield with my family, and then head to spend time with the Mr.'s family this weekend.  The Mr. and I always are gone from our actual home on Christmas Day, but due to the way it fell this year, we got to be in our home for the actually day!

Do you have any fun plans for New Year's Eve?  Is your family one that celebrates big for NYE, or do you keep it more low key?

Stay Sweet,

2012 New Year's Resolutions: Revisited

I am setting 52 goals for 2012. Basically one per week.  I figure that if I go in little increments, I can attain these goals, and if I don't reach all 52 by the end of the new year, well who have I hurt?  Highlighted items are things I have not finished, but am working on!  I still have four months, so I am going to see what I can get done.

This is just a little update.  What were/are some of your goals? Have you met any? I would love to hear about what you have accomplished!

Not too shabby.  Some things I didn't even get close to finishing, some things I just crossed off my list, but even so, I love that I accomplished soooo much!  I am already starting my new list for 2013

  1. Read 12 books
  2. Visit one new state that I have never been.
  3. Save $100 per month for a rainy day fund
  4. Lose 10 lbs, and keep it off
  5. Continue sustainable living (i.e. organic, non wasteful)
  6. Dine out 2-4 times per month
  7. No TV past 8 pm
  8. Commit to walking my dogs 4 times per week
  9. Take yoga class
  10. Teach one DIY class per month (in person, or via blog)
  11. Update my blog layout
  12. Reset/Restyle my closet
  13. Host a swap party with friends
  14. Schedule one girls night monthly/bi-monthly
  15. Cut my coffee habit in half. (1-2 purchased lattes per week)
  16. Learn a new skill (crocheting, knitting, cake decorating etc)
  17. Refinish Laundry Room
  18. Tile Kitchen and Dining Room
  19. Start a compost pile
  20. Grow a pumpkin patch
  21. Handmade/Homemade Christmas 2012
  22. Get published in a Tattoo Magazine
  23. Finish right arm sleeve
  24. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary!
  25. Not freak out about my 30th birthday.
  26. Finish planning Ireland trip
  27. Attend a Blogging Conference
  28. Compile more outfit posts
  29. Find five new bands to enjoy
  30. Volunteer for Dentistry for the Heart/Dr's without borders
  31. Start a memory jar. 
  32. Visit the Caribbean
  33. Perfect Photography skills
  34. Watch every Marilyn Monroe Film
  35. Try one new food per month
  36. Rediscover veganism for a month
  37. Adopt a third puppy!
  38. Write at least one letter per month
  39. Participate in a food drive
  40. Have new professional photos of Mr. Elliott and I
  41. Order updated photos of friends and family to display
  42. Have professional photos of my family taken
  43. Make homemade ice cream
  44. Support local business better!
  45. Purchase new luggage
  46. Practice Safe Sun EVERYDAY!
  47. Bake a cake, once a month, from scratch
  48. Help Mr. Elliott finish truck project
  49. Install an attic fan in our house
  50. Plan weekend trips one per season.
  51. Set up a "shop my closet" or online store
  52. Vintage shop and document it!

Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Devyn Beth

Devyn Beth // Blog // Facebook // Esty

Age: 31 

Occupation: Real Housewife of Kansas City (sort of) I am a mom to two super cute kiddos, I also, and try to sell my handmade wares on Etsy,, and I get to work part time at the most fab boutique in Kansas City, Retro Vixen.

Where are you from: Kansas City, but the Kansas side of town

Favorite photographer to work with: Vixen Pin Up Photography... they are goddesses of all things pin up

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)  The pink dress and blue swimsuit photos were taken by Vixen Pin-up Photography, Hair by Nikki Moreno-Whipple,  Makeup by Candypants Cunningham.  The beach pic was also taken by Vixen Pin-Up Photography with MUAH done by me.  The cupcake photo was taken by Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl with hair by Nikki Moreno-Whipple, and makeup by Charlie Girl.

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
The pink dress photo was from my very first photo shoot with Vixen Pin-up Photography.   The cupcake photo was taken by Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl,  I love that photo because everyone who knows me knows I am a cupcake addict.  The beach photo was a very quick snap shot taken by Vixen Pin-up Photography at a fun event at Retro Vixen, it turned out so cute that I decided to have it “finished.” The blue swimsuit picture is also from my first photo shoot, it’s pretty special because it is was published in the July 2012 issue of The Cat’s Meow magazine,  it was my first published photo and hopefully not the last.

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?  Well, I dabbled in runway modeling at the age of 6 when I was chosen to model for a local Department Store Back to School fashion show... and then I went on like a 23 year hiatus!  My first PinUp photo shoot was in 2011, I’ve been obsessed with all things pinup for some time and my sweet husband purchased a photo shoot for me for Mother’s day… best gift ever.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?  I follow Monica Lewis, who was quite the pin up and starlet way back when, on facebook. She just celebrated her 90th birthday and is still as cute as ever, she always shares fascinating stories of her hay day as well as her everyday life. I just love her!  As far as modern pinups go, I have a major girl crush on Doris Mayday, and I am pretty fond of a certain platinum pinup from the Paris of the plains that goes by the name of Katty.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?  I drool over everything Pinup Couture produces, Voodoo Vixen always seems to fit me just right, Michael Kors and Betsey Johnson have always been my dream designers… but at heart I am a thrift store shopper, so usually I am just looking for a certain style of clothing and not so much a label.  In fact, that green and white dress in the beachy pic was a thrifty find and only $6.00!

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? If I could go back in time , Andy Warhol would be the most epic of photographers/artists to work with.

What is your favorite color and why?  Pink!!! I am a very girly girl, and pink just makes me feel all the more girly.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? The Dalai Lama  I remember seeing him on Oprah years ago, and it rocked my whole religious outlook.  He was most evidently the most holy person I’ve ever encountered (even if only on tv.)  I could almost visually see his goodness and purity radiating around him.  I would love the opportunity to sit and learn from him.

How did you get your model name?  Well my model name is just my name-- kind of boring I guess, but I feel weird naming myself.  I keep thinking that someday someone will just bestow the most fabulous of pinup names upon me-- kind of like a knighting ceremony only with big boobs, victory rolls, and red lipstick!

Sweet Taste of Freedom ~ Steve-Oh Photography

Stevie Oetjengerdes // Stevie Oh! Photography

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in New York but having been living in the Boston area of Massachusetts for the last ten years. 
How did you get your store/business started?
I don't have a business per se; I have always loved shooting and all aspects of photography, a few years ago I started photographing models and have been networking with other photographers and models ever since. I am thinking about what my next step will be in my photography endeavor as we speak
What inspires you or how do you get inspire?
I'm often inspired by other artists work. I also draw inspiration from every day situations and feelings. I have a soft spot for abandoned and derelict architecture which is where my shooting began, so that tends to be the type of location I find myself working with models.  
How long have you been operating and what is some of your favorite places to shoot?
I've always been interested in photography, but started seriously about three years ago. I love forgotten places, old architecture; abandoned houses, schools, factories, hospitals, any place that has been left behind and has a story to tell.
What celebrity would you most like to wear/indorse/use/ or shoot with?
Rose McGowan. I have always been a fan of her as an actress and I think she would be fun to shoot with! 
If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
I'd have to say passionate; I put my whole self into everything I do. 
What is your biggest pet peeve?
I find myself frustrated by ignorant and closed minded people and the ideas they throw around. 
What are your favorite websites?
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
That I'm not an exciting person (laughs), I lead a pretty average life. 
Favorite book/TV show/Movie Genre?
I'm not a big reader. Horror is hands down my favorite movie genre, and lately I'd have to say The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show. 

90 Days to a Better Me

*This is a new start that I am going to be doing, pre-new years resolutions.  This is just little things that I want to do to improve upon myself, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.  If you want to join in via Twitter use hashtag #90DaysToABetterMe or tag me via Facebook @kattydelux*

Day(s) one - thirty
Day Thirty One: Sew something.  How do I not know how to sew?

Day Thirty Two: Get an emergency pack set up in my home
Day Thirty Three: Clean out my kitchen, make it more accessible. 
Day Thirty Four: Clean out my closet
Day Thirty Five: Lose 10 lbs in January
Day Thirty Six: Eat oatmeal every day.
Day Thirty Seven: Share my poetry
Day Thirty Eight: Take a dance class in 2013

Makeout Mondays ~ Things I love this week

This book cracked me up, and so does this poster.

Little Old Lady Costume for child.  Adorable.

Starfish and Tahitian Pearl Ring.