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Where are you from ?
I am from Washington State...born and raised.

How did you get your store started ?
I've been sewing since I was in high school, but didn't really get into fashion until I scored a job at Buffalo Exchange and basically fell in love with vintage, from there, I started hoarding vintage clothing, lingerie, fabric and patterns.  After Buffalo Exchange, I was going into clothing withdrawal, not being able to get the first dibs on the good stuff and was having a difficult time finding finding "new fashion" that I liked, so just decided, I will make my own, using the vintage fabrics and patterns I had acquired.         .

What inspires you ?
When someone contacts me about making a custom item for them....I had a customer who wanted a play suit for a contest, needed it on short notice and basically told me what she was aiming for and basically gave me authority to "make it so" !  She ended up winning 1st place in her pinup contest !

How long have you been open and what are some of your favorite items ?
My Etsy store was started in May 2012.  I love the two piece romper (especially the one I did, sailor/nautical style).  My favorites though, are the vintage style lingerie pieces.  Vintage lingerie, is so much more classy and beautiful than the modern, mass produced, Victorias Secret stuff.

What celebrity would you most like to wear your items ?
Honestly, I am not into celebrities...period.  The people I would like to wear my items are just normal people, I try to make it possible for them to get a unique, affordable piece that they will love to wear anywhere, wether it be at a photo shoot or a day at the beach !

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be ?

What is your biggest pet peeve ?
Ignorant people

What are your favorite websites ?
Hmmm.....for fashion ? I like the Vintage Fashion Guild's website and the Vintage Fashion Libraries website.

What is your dream job ?
Something that combines fashion/vintage fashion and medicine !  A cute line of vintage style medical scrubs ?  I hate pants, so when I am forced to wear scrubs (for my real job), it drives me nuts ! So far, I haven't found an employer who will let me wear a "scrub dress" or scrub skirt.....yet.

What would people be surprised to learn about you ?
I heart politics !

Photo credits:
2pc romper / play suit
Photo by: Shanks Photography
Edited by: Madison Bales Photography
Model: Ginger De Vil

2pc peignoir set
Photo by:  Lone Star Pin-up
Model: Jennifer Irwin

Polka dot high waist shorts
Photo by:  Vivid EyeCandy Photography
Model:  The Vintage Doll

Bow pencil skirt
Photo by: Autumn Luciano
Model: Patsy Pearl