Sweet Taste of Freedom ~ Beretta Fleur & A Holiday Giveaway #3!

One of my favorite little west coast (soon to be southern) pin-ups is Ms. Beretta Fleur.  She has put together this fabulous hosting with style book, that would make an excellent addition to any home.  Especially to those who love a retro twist.

Print link for purchase: 

$27 paperback, $47 Hardcover

83 full-color pages 
Illustrations and pinup photos by Beretta Fleur and Shotgunpinups.com

Below is just a sample of some articles/images in the book:

Maintaining the Order
Housekeeping is a skill. After you’ve worked hard to get your house sparkling and organized, it sucks to see the mess creeping forward a week later. Nony from ASlobComesClean.com suggests a checklist of daily jobs, to which I add bi-weekly and monthly jobs as well. This improves cleaning skills. Do these tasks when you have that spare few minutes: waiting for dinner to cook, or while on the phone. If you have a large household or small children, you may have to do the bi-weekly jobs more often; if you live alone, less often. For housemates, divide the chores.
Bi-Weekly Jobs (2-7 minutes each)
  • ●  Dishes (put away, rinse and load, hand wash)
  • ●  Pick up clutter
  • ●  Disinfect countertops, kitchen surfaces
  • ●  Feed and medicate pets
  • ●  Take out the trash/recycling
  • ●  Put away groceries or purchases
  • ●  Spot-clean or dust the surfaces of 1 room
    Weekly Jobs (20-40 minutes each)
  • ●  Put away clothing and shoes
  • ●  Clean bathrooms
  • ●  Vacuum and/or mop
  • ●  Groom pets
  • ●  Garden
  • ●  Laundry (run, fold, or put away)
  • ●  Clean out freezer/pantry/fridge
    Where clutter piles up (clothes in the bedroom, junk near the front door) create a system that fits how you live. We have a key hook, and junk mail shredder by our front door and a hamper to toss clean clothes into during morning dressing frenzies. A good rule is when you buy something new, get rid of one item of equal bulk. Lastly, make a DONATE or SELL bin in your garage, closet, or basement. Schedule a trip to Goodwill or other charity of your choice, or an Internet posting day every few months. These donations and sales are good for rainy day/savings money or tax write-offs.
    Once a year, you might decide to have a multi-household yard sale with local friends or close neighbors. Houses get purged, it’s social, and everyone makes a little money. Remember to schedule a donation pickup at the end of the sale for all the unsold items, and get a donation receipt. 


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  1. I'm forever organizing it seems. Great tips here to stay on track!