Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Kitty Cadillac

Kitty Cadillac // Facebook // Pinup Lifestyle

Occupation: Stage Manager at the Landers Theatre and Pin-Up Model

State: Missouri

Favorite Photographers: Blind Eye Creations
Megan Addie Photograpy
(I have never actually had a professional photo shoot, but I hope to soon)

  • Featured Photos: "Tip-Top"
    "February Love"
    Photographer: Megan Addie Photography

    All of these were taken in studio in Fair Grove, 

    Talk about my favorite photos: I know amongst a lot of photography lovers they say it's a crime to shoot yourself, but I grew up loving the late and great Bunny Yeager, who was not only a fantastic Pin-Up Model, but she was a tremendous photographer who shot Bettie Page and took her own Pin-Up photos. All of these photos I have listed are my favorites because I take the shots my self, edit the photos my self, set up the shots my self and do my own MUAH for each and every shoot. There is something very romantic to me about being able to follow in the photographic foot steps of Bunny Yeager.

    Modeling Time: I have been modeling for about 1 year and a half now. I started with my first Pin-Up shoot at a 1950's hotel and the owner liked my look so much that he hired me for a commercial for the hotel to play the stunning Marilyn Monroe and I have been in love with the Pin-Up Modeling world ever since!

    Pin-Up Models: Oh my goodness! I grew up with my dad restoring 1950s cars and with that era you gotta have the Pin-Ups. My dad always had posters in the shop of Marilyn Monroe but I never really loved her like I love the Pin-Up leader Bettie Page and the fabulous Bunny Yeager. I loved these women then and now because they had their own unique signatures and made the Pin-Up world what it is today. I loved that Bettie was a small town girl just like me and she held on to that sense even when she was named the Pin-Up Queen. As for Bunny Yeager, I love that she was one of the first Pin-Up girls to be a self photographer and I really respect her for it.

    Favorite clothing lines: While I am a poor college kid with expensive Pin-Up tastes, I do all I can to buy any cheaply priced bullet bras and garters I can find on eBay or other vintage sites, but if I had the amount of money I would like to have I would buy every bullet bra and panty set Bernie Dexter has to offer! That woman is not only fabulous but I love that she has reinvented to wonderful lingerie of the 50's!

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