90 Days to a Better Me

*This is a new start that I am going to be doing, pre-new years resolutions.  This is just little things that I want to do to improve upon myself, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.  If you want to join in via Twitter use hashtag #90DaysToABetterMe or tag me via Facebook @kattydelux*

Day One: Drink at 64 ounces of water per day. Seems simple, but is sometimes hard.
Day Two: Walk/Run my neighborhood.  Approximately 30 minutes at a brisk pace.

Day Three: cut out soda
Day Four: self reflection.  Just 10-15 minutes a day to clear my thoughts, re-set, and continue on.
Day Five: read something inspiring everyday. Whether it be poetry quotes a story or more page from my current read.

Day Six: moisturize my skin every night.  This seems like a dumb thing, but I want to be more committed to my whole body's skin, not just my face and neck
Day Seven: Drink my juice (fresh juice made by the Mr.) everyday.

Day Eight: Day Eight: Write, at least, one letter per month to someone that doesn't live near me.
Day Nine: Hug the Mr. everyday. 

Day Ten: Give one random compliment each day.
Day Eleven: Brush my hair every night. I read that this will help with growth and maintanence. 
Day Twelve: I am going to stop washing my hair with Shampoo everyday.  I know it is bad for me and my hair.

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