Umba Box Review #3

This month Umba Box did not disappoint.  And really, could they ever? No, because you get a little box with handmade goodies!  You would have to be a grinch to not like it.  

There were two items featured this month.  Forgotten Shanghai and Hide Your Feathers.

Forgotten Shanghai provided a really amazing product! A reusable sandwich bag!  It is functional and stylish!  Two things, that when merged, create practical beauty!

Hide Your Feathers sent a crystal necklace.  I liked that the crystal is clear, and although I am not sure on what type of stone it is, it is beautiful and something that can be worn by itself, or layered.  Plus the chain that it comes on is long, and that is how I like to wear my necklaces. Long, Layered, and full of whimsy.

Have you received, or ordered, an Umba Box yet? I would love to hear what you think about it!

Stay Sweet,

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