Sweet Taste of Freedom Spotlight Interview ~ RedDolly Swimwear

This sweet company is based out of Southern California, so sun, surf, and fun is evident in the layout of some of the cutest handmade/custom suits I have ever seen!  Not to mention a little celebrity following (taylor swift, anyone?).

If you are looking for a suit for a photo shoot, or are lucky enough to live or be traveling to a warm climate, look no further!

Stop by her shop and check out all the sweetest suits from my new favorite Swimsuit Maven.  Use the Code RED20 for a special discount.

Stay Sweet,
Where are you from?
I was Born and Raised in Riverside, California.. SoCal as Many like to call it. And I am still here soaking up the Sun!

How did you get your store started?
I Started as sort of an experiment in a way. I Was looking for a retro style swimsuit at the time and everything I liked was over $100. I have a degree in fashion design, But just never had tried swimwear before. I gave it a shot and made a suit for myself and Loved it! I figured if other people can create something similar and sell it I could do the same, and I opened my Etsy shop in Jan of 2008 and the orders just started flying in!

What inspires you?
So Many things... But for my swimsuits I mostly get inspired by the fabrics I find. When I see something interesting or cute I can see how it can become an awesome suit and that someone would love to have it!

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items?
I have Had My Etsy shop open since the beginning of 2008. My personal favorites are My one piece Polka dot suits!

what celebrity would you most like to wear/indorse/use your items?
Honestly I don't Keep up with Celebrities... But I did have the opportunity to Work with Taylor Swift's stylist Last year and I sent her 5 suits, She ended up keeping three! I think she is a great role model to young women because she is talented and Famous yet still modest at the same time and that is hard to come by these days.

if you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

what is your biggest pet peeve?
Complaining! I cant stand when people complain.. I know we all do it! Life is too short we need to make changes or just enjoy what we have instead of complaining about it.

what are your favorite websites?
Etsy.com, of course! Pinterest, Rawartists.com, and Google if that counts, Cant live without it!

what would people be surprised to learn about you?
I am very conservative

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  1. Oh wow, those are some cute suits! I think I am in love with the Sailor one piece!