Style Icon ~ Olivia Newton John as Sandy

For Halloween, I am going as "bad" Sandy from Grease.  I thought it would be fun to do a little tutorial on how to make this costume, mostly out of stuff I bet you already have.  I spent $10 on this costume to get leggings.  Everything else, I had in my closet.

Iconic image deconstructed:
  • Makeup: Light Matte eyeshadows, with black winged liner, red lips.
  • Clothing: Black Jacket, black catsuit or black top and leggings, red mules.
Things you will need:
  • Hair: Curling Iron or Hot Rollers, Teasing Comb, Texture Powder, Hair Spray, Bobby Pins
  • Makeup: Foundation, white, fawn/beige eyeshadow, Eye Primer, Powder, Peach Blush, Red Lip liner, Red Lipstick, Black Eyeliner (liquid or gel), Mascara, Fake Lashes (for drama)


  1. Awesome choice! I love these videos you've been doing, Amy Winehouse was fabulous! Can't wait to see more.

    1. Thanks! I hope people are enjoying them. If there is ever one person in particular that you would like to see, let me know!

  2. I enjoy this series, although I couldn't pull any of them off. I will continue to live vicriously through you! :)