Julep Review

So my newest delve into subscription boxes is with Julep.com.  It is a pretty cute company that really packages very well.  Julip is a nail polish company, so you know what you are getting into pretty quickly.

Once you log onto the site, you are prompted to take a quiz, and that will help decide what type of "maven" you are.  I was 'Bombshell', so my first two colors were a bright pink (squee) and a shimmer sand color (double squee).  In addition I received a tube of lotion.

I have yet to actually try the polishes, but the lotion is pretty dang awesome.

I will probably renew for next month and see what they send me.  Right now you can sign up for $.01 by using the code PENNY.  Not a bad deal at all, if you ask me.

Stay Sweet,


  1. I think I am going to have to sign up for this... plus MAVEN happens to be one of my favorite words!

  2. I love julep! i got this same box awhile back
    i cant wait to sign up for more when i get paid
    it dries super fast its fantastic lol

  3. Okay so if you sign up, are you bound to stay for more than a month? I saw the $.01 thing online but I don't want to get tied into it if I don't like it.

    1. nope, no contract! So for .01 you can try it out. no worrying about resigning or canceling anything.

  4. I get Julip boxes too. Love them and how gorgeous are you?? I stopped by and am your newest follower and was hoping that you might stop by my blog and follow me too!


    Thank you!