A Very Vintage Holiday Countdown

4 weeks 'til Thanksgiving

My dad has smoked and BBQ'd meat for about as long as I can remember. In fact, he built is own grill, that pulls behind his truck when I was about 5.  My brother and I thought he was legitimately building a monster, that is how big it is.

This is how my dad smokes turkey.  Usually people who have had it, ask him for it again and again.  I asked him was made it so special and he said nothing, just a long time of smoking and his cast iron pans.  So here is to your venture in smoking a turkey.  Remember no magic, just time.  If you know my dad, you know he has a no frills approach to cooking.  Just simple, straight forward flavors. No muss, no fuss.

1 turkey, guts removed
Cast Iron Pan 3 inched deep 10 inches long 6 inches wide (if you don't have a cast iron pan, I am sure an aluminum pan will work, or a roasting pan
Salt and Pepper

Get smoker or grill ready with charcoal or hickory chips.  The key is a slow low heat when smoking  Place cleaned turkey in pan add salt and pepper to turkey.  Fill pan 1/2 from top with water.   For a decent sized turkey, plan to smoke for about 6 hours.  If pan is low on water to you add throughout the smoking process.  The steam created by the water will help keep the turkey moist.

If your turkey has an internal pop up thermometer, you will know it is done, when that pops up.

Serve with BBQ sauce or simply with gravy.

11 weeks 'til Christmas

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