Umba Box Review #2

I got my second Umba Box, and I loved it, as much as the first one!  I take such pleasure in receiving gifts that are hand made!

Luminology seeks to redefine the art of everyday elegance by creating a unique alternative in today's modern marketplace, Luminology's pure and artisan soy candles are hand-crafted in food-safe porcelain vessels, perfect for repurposing and integrating into your daily life. Our unique refill method allows shoppers the opportunity to delight in each intoxicating scent, year after year. A timeless treasure for the modern home, Luminology is artisan luxury... set ablaze.

The scent that I received is called Orchard, with pear, brandy, and cumin undertones, it is fall in a tiny glass jar.  I love to burn soy candles, because they don't emit black smoke, plus the burn clean and thoroughly.  

A store based out of Oregon, there prints are over the top adorable and print on lots of things.  There are Tea Towels, Grocery Sacks, baby clothes, etc.  How could you not fall in love with something handmade, sweet, and useable?

Stay Sweet

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