Thursday Treasure Tryouts

You all know how crazy I am about my nails being "done".   A manicure will always make your style looked finished.

When I was in CVS, the other day, I spotted these new press on nails, that I thought I would give a try.  They were about $6 and came in a variety of colors and patterns.  I purchased a pack of red and a pack of black.

The process of putting them on is really simple.  You find the size that fits your nail, wipe you nail bed down with rubbing alcohol, remove the nail backing, and apply to you nail.

The nails lasted for about 1 and 1/2 weeks before the edges started to get stuck in my hair, when fixing it.

I think if you are in a bind and need a quick, realistic manicure, without the paint, these are a great way to go!

Have you ever tried these out?

Stay Sweet,


  1. So pretty Kem! I love the color. I definitely need to try imPRESS.

    P.S Did you receive the package?