Sweetness Overload Currently

  • Watching:  Well, I do have to say that I am excited for my "fall shows" to start.  I DVR'd Sons of Anarchy, but haven't watched it, so don't spoil anything for me.  Do you have favorite fall shows?
  • Working On: learning to really find gratitude in everyday.  If you follow me on Facebook, I usually post one thing that I am grateful for each day.  Sometime they are small things, like a good cup of coffee, sometimes they are big, more meaningful things.  I think everyone should pause, take a breath, and realize that today should not be taken for granted.  Be thankful that you have today, and tell the people nearest to you!
  • Thinking About: my transitioning wardrobe.  Yesterday, in KC, the high was right around 65.  That is a good fall day.  I want to make sure that I have plenty of tights, sweaters, and scarves to help my wardrobe still pack a punch.  What is your favorite way to extend your wardrobe between seasons.
  • Anticipating: visiting my hometown.  My grandfather just had surgery, so I will be grateful to see him and my family!
  • Wishing: I could take my dogs to work with me.  Do you ever just need to be around your pets?  To me, my dogs are my children.  I feel the same way about them, as "normal" people feel about their children.  I think it would be amazing to have a job, where you can take your pet to work.  
  • Loving: Mini Saltine Crackers.  I like saltines in general, but the tiny shape of these are perfect for soup! And we know that the onset of cooler temperatures means more soup!

  • What has been going on in your life this week?

    Stay Sweet,


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    1. I love playing along :)

      watching-- Real Housewives, super drama in NY and NJ, and miami just started, with that old lady with the cray cray face...

      working on-- School Fundraising, counting money, and checking cookie dough order forms... is alot of thankless work, allocating $16k and hand counting it.

      Thinking about... weather or not to get bangs

      Anticipating: pumpkin patch visits, and halloween costumes

      wishing-- I could visit the mountains before it gets too cold, I feel like a piece of my soul lives there, and its been too long since I've connected with it

      Loving: Chai tea lattes

      1. those are good devyn~ I like it when people answer these too! It is like a tiny peek into their lives, and I love a goodh chai tea latte during this time of year :)

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