• Watching: Still watching Vampire Diaries. I know, I know, how unpredictable.  However, I am super pumped for the fall line up on TV.  I love getting back into the story lines of shows and can't wait to see some of my favorite characters back in action.  Cam from Modern Family, anyone?
  • Working On: letting the drama go.  I have had several friends, this past week, be attacked by full on Mean Girls drama.  Seeing as though I am a full fledged adult, I would think that drama would go away, but the more I read, the more I listen, the more I see, Mean Girl Drama is everywhere! If you are not in a certain clique, or your baby isn't learning and using sign language soon enough, or your husband doesn't bring home the most bacon, or hell, you don't have a boyfriend....It just never seems to end.  I have doled out more Regina George in my days in high school than I care to admit or acknowledge, and that pains me.  But, I am not going to stand by and watch women hate on women, simply because they are bored.  Why do we, as women, find comfort in banding together to make the lives of other women miserable?
  • Thinking About: Yoga.  I have got to get my yoga on.  This week, I am signing up and not finding a lame excuse to not go.  Zona Yoga, here I come.
  • Anticipating: two upcoming shoots.  Roy Varga and Boudoir Louisville. Should be a ton of fun with both!
  • Wishing: the weather would chill, just a little.  Fall is on my mind, full force.  Fall is the most inspiring time for me.  I am not sure why but in the decay of a season, I find true inspiration.  Death becomes me.  
  • Loving: Root Beer. I can't seem to get enough.  In fact, I am going to get some right now

  • What has been going on in your life this week?

    Stay Sweet,


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    1. I just finished the seasons of Vampire Diaries that are on Netflix! It's kind of addicting, for a little CW show.

      Sorry you have the drama, it sucks! I am working on avoiding that stuff.