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What popular notion do you think the world has got wrong?

For me, I don't think that it is something the world has got wrong, it is just what has become a very slippery slope of how, or really what, quantifies as good/decent behavior.  In college, I majored in Sociology, which is basically the study or people.  How they interact, how the respond, and what qualifies as a "social norm".   I have always been a bit of  people watcher, and really like to know what makes us all tick.

I, for one, do not believe that it is religion, or a "god", that makes us behave a certain way.  Most of the time people behavior a certain way, because of their environment.  If we take a look at what social norms were during the 1900's and compare that to the social norms of 2012, we will see a stark difference.  This can be broken down even further if you look at location dynamics, via geography, or even where a person lives within a city.

Where this answer is heading is, I believe, there seems to be a large lack is social decency.  Do you think that allowing children to dress as though they are much, much older is going to equate to them living like a better life?  Does anyone even know their neighbors anymore?  When is the last time you have heard of a neighborhood block party?  Do you great strangers with a smile and a hello, or simply walk past them, with no acknowledgement?

To me, it seems that people are so connected to the internet and technology, and really just connected to themselves, that they see very little of what is going on around them.  What I know, is that, we should reflect and learn from our past, to help make our future, hopefully better.  There are lots of things and people groups that suffered in the past of our growing nation, but there are also things that we should hold onto, and cherish.

It makes me sad to see how fast children are growing up, facing adult decisions, but with little of no consequence.  It also makes me sad to see in debt our nation has become.  There are all things that I believe we have got wrong, but how to do you change something, of this magnitude, when the social norms have swayed in its favor?

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  1. I completely agree with you here. Everywhere I look are 12 year old girls in heels, with lipstick and sequins and boyfriends galore. When I was 12 I was still trying to learn who I was, never mind tossing expectations of fashion and makeup and boys into the mix. I wish girls were in less of a race to grow up, and hormones were less prevalent in foods that MAKE them appear more grown up body wise. If I ever have a daughter, I want to teach her to dance and be young as long as possible. That her body is beautiful no matter what the magazines or websites say, and to dress however she feels happy, no matter the trends. We're all on computers so often we don't HAVE to call eachother to find out what's going on... I can see if on twitter, facebook, blogs, and more. I love technology, but I'm aching for the old ways: making things with your hands (not machines), eating healthy untampered foods (good luck finding that now), and women who dressed sexy without having to reveal every length of their skin. My how the world changes!