A Peek into My Life

List 7 people who have influenced you and describe how.

  1. My Mother.  I would bargain to say, that if you all have a mother, she has influenced you, for better or worse, in some part of your life.  My mother's greatest influence is my love of a good bargain.  She always had a way of making a dollar stretch, and I learned how to shop sales, clearance, and bargain racks all from her.  
  2. My Art Teacher, Mrs. Baldwin.  She was my art teacher from kindergarten through sixth grade.  She influenced me to know that, in art, there are no mistakes. 
  3. My Music Teacher, Mrs. Sparks.  She influenced me by showing me, I had a gift of singing and to not be shy about it.
  4. My first best friend, Shay.  She showed me that true friendship is worth everything.  Even though during high school our tight friendship drifted apart, and now we are separated by states and distance, it was her first friendship to allowed me to grow and learn there is nothing more special than a best friend!
  5. Abraham Lincoln. I know that is seems funny to have him as an influencer, but he has been.  He would also be the one person, past or present, I would like to meet.  He came from little means, and grew into one of the most respected and well known presidents.  His words are meaningful and full of strength, and while an entire nation did not support him, we paved a way for the liberties that we hold today.
  6. Shel Silverstein.  Where the sidewalk ends was one of my favorite books, when I was growing up.  Reading his writings made me realize that I, too, loved to write.  From that point on, I kept a journal to turned in to journals filled with poetry.
  7. Robert Frost.  Two woods diverged in a yellow wood.  When my heart and mind was opened to poetry, Mr Frost, is who I fell in love with.  Reading his works made me see that painting a picture could be done with words and I fell for his magic hard.  (I will be getting a tattoo inspired by him)
Who are some influencers in your life?

Stay Sweet,

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  1. Sweet post! 1, 4, and 7 are great picks. I like what you said about each of them :]