Treasure Tryout Thursday

Katy Perry Eyelure Lashes

This is my newest find at CVS.  My newest treasure, if you will.  I have loved wearing false lashes for a long time, and I will tell you, the trick to them is practice.  The first couple of times you wear them, they might feel weird, they might even look, well, not so great, but here are a few tips to help you perfect your lashes.

1.  Buy seperate lash adhesive.  The stuff that comes with fake lashes are a joke, so just look around a find lash adhesive.

2. Before gluing on the lash, measure them across you eye lid.  Most of the time lashes are too long, so they will need to be trimmed.

3. Bend/Flex the lashes before you adhere them.  Giving them a little bit of bend will make the lay better across you nature lashes.

My favorite of the 4 "looks" is the Oh, My!  They are double lashes, so they make you look like a doll and they are NOT natural looking at all, so if you are going for kind of natural, these are not the ones to get.

Have fun!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I've not ever used eyelashes. Can you use them more than once? How do they come off? Btw, I love your blog! :) tis so cute!

    1. You can use them more than once, but only if when you remove them they don't look gross. I don't recommend using them more than twice though. Your eye area is FULL of bacteria, and that bacteria loves to attach itself to lashes, so...really once is good, twice if you must, three times...NO way!

    2. Spritz those used lashes with some alchohol and let them dry inbetween two paper towels.. cuts back the bacteria, and gives you an extra use. That is the advice I got from the all knowing Candypants. :)

  2. I am so horrible at putting on fake lashes, but boy do they look pretty.

  3. So funny, I just saw the Katty Perry lashes at Ulta today and got pretty excited about them. Then, I come home and read this sweet little blog about Katty Perry Lashes... I guess I need to go get a pair now.

  4. Ooh! i thought they only sold these at ulta!!! I will be running down the street to cvs tomorrow! Thanks for the tip!!!