Treasure Try-out Thursdays

Welcome to a new little installment around these parts.  I am a sucker for good "products".  They could be hair care products, skin care products, even products that come in clever, tiny packages.

Part of the reason I decided to start this "Try out Thursday" is due to a fun, but ridiculous trip to CVS on Christmas Eve several years ago.  Basically, the mister and I were board, and the only thing open was CVS, so we ventured in, and much to our surprise, we found lots of treasure.  We now deem CVS trips, as treasure trips.

One of my latest finds is actually a skin care line.  Welcome to the World of Treasure Try-outs.

  • Simple Refreshing Facial Wash
  • Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub
  • Simple Eye Makeup Remover

These three items are the new trifecta of my skin care routine.  I don't have overtly sensitive skin, but I try to limit the amount of "extras" in anything that I use.  (by extras, I mean dyes, perfumes, etc).  All of these products from this line are incredibly gentle, and leave me with an amazing fresh-faced look.

Not only can you find these products online, but also at local retailers like Walgreens, Target, etc.  Sometimes great products that are affordable, and within reach, are just what you need.

Stay Sweet,

*this is not a sponsored post, all these opinion are mine and have not been endorsed by this company*


  1. Great post idea! This makes me want to try more products by Simple. I have their face wipes, and I like them pretty well. (I was using the Target brand before and they were softer but had more "extras" I'm sure.)

  2. I wasn't a fan of the makeup remover cloths, only because I didn't like the scent of them... I know that's such a small thing, but when I'm using a product every day on my face, it makes a big difference to me. I should try their other products to see if it was just that one I disliked. To each their own! :D