The Pinup from the Paris of the Plains with Jux

Did you know that Kansas City was once referred to as the "Paris of the Plains"?  Who knew, right?!  Well, I have decided to jazz up my pinup persona by adopting it to my tag line and what better way to display that, then with a new platform?

Are you familiar with Jux?  If not, it is my latest, greatest find.  I used to have a tumblr account, but I could escape the drama and horrible posts, and then in walks Jux.  It is streamlined, clean and easy to use, plus no drama!

"Jux is the ultimate place to share your photos, videos, words and more. It's like blogging in HD. 100% delicious content. Zero crap."

Paper Moon Photography// MUA: Candy Cunningham// Hair: Get Your Locks Off
I hope that you stop by my Jux, take a look, and join yourself!  Follow me if you do, and I will follow back!

Stay Sweet,

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  1. That's a pretty sweet site, pun intended! What a great way to showcase your pics. Go, girl!