Stitch Fix Review #6

This Stitch Fix was a good one.  I really liked/loved all the pieces that were chosen for me, so it made it an easy one to review.  On top of being something that is just pure fun to receive in the mail, Stitch Fix, I believe, really strives to make sure their products are quality, on trend and within your selected price range.  My stylist(s) have done a really great job to find things that I like and stayed within my retro loving range.

If you have not had the chance to check them out, you should.  Stitch Fix would even make a fun gift for a girlfriend, sister, cousin, or even mom!

Visit this link, and tell them that I sent you. I know you won't be disappointed!

Lovemark Crochet Cap Sleeve Dress         $50

As soon as I pulled this out, my first thought was.......Missoni. Duh.  I mean, who doesn't  associate those zigzags with the Italian fashion house?  The fit of this dress is skinny, but extremely comfortable. Also, you know I have an affinity for coral, orange, and peach!  This dress is perfect for summer, and would even be an extremely fashion forward swim suit cover up, but it can also transition into fall.  I would pair it with dark washed jeggings and tall brown, worn in boots.  Add a blazer and a scarf and hello autumn! This is a keeper.

BB Dakota Peacock Dress              $65

The style or line of this dress is what caught my attention and secondly the fabric.  The jewel tones, again with transistion to autumn perfectly, but it was the flair of retro that had me hooked.  The dress has a very fitted bodice and waist, with a perfect flair from waist to hips.  This is my favorite sillhoette and so I am keeping it!  My sweet bloggie pal Kaelah got one in her Stitch Fix, but she didn't keep hers.  What do you think? Would you dare the bold pattern, or send it back?

SYLK asymmetrical tunic          $78

The colors in this tunic are gorgeous and it seriously looks like someone painted this and then fashioned it into a dress.  I loved it, but I am all about symmetry.  So much so that I couldn't let one half of my body be tattooed, without some matching on the opposing side.  With that in mind, I can't wear a one sleeved dress.  I wanted to like this so much, but I just kept thinking, "Where is the other sleeve?".

Jaloux Colorblock Racerback Tank              $75

I can't deny my love of teal and blue, especially when paired together.  This tank is light as a feather and an extremely great fit.  It features a cute hook and eye cutout down the front, which allows you the ability to change up the look by simply undoing the hooks.  This tank can also be layered for fall, and because of it's jewel tones, makes it a great piece that can be worn throughout the year.  This, also, is a keeper.

Jessica Elliott Chain Headband       $35

The designer's last name is Elliott.  I had to keep it.  Also, because look how cute it is!  You can also wind it around your wrist as a bracelet too, or at least that is another style option that I thought of.

Would you have kept anything different or sent back any of the items? What was your favorite?

Stay Sweet, 


  1. I freaking love the peacock dress.. I love anything related to pea-foul in general.. that dress needs to go have cocktails at some swanky martini bar for a girls night out

  2. With your 25% off discount for keeping the whole box, you would have gotten the asymmetrical dress practically free! I would have kept it just for the bargain lol :)