• Watching: I started watching Vampire Diaries, and well, now, I'm hooked.  I have always loved the darker side, starting with Interview with a Vampire.  When that movie came out, I was much to young to read, and enjoy, Anne Rice.  However, by the time I started reading Ms. Rice, my love of the occult was real.  I do enjoy a good vampire novel, but I secretly alway wanted to have magical abilities.  When I was younger, I desperately wanted to be able to cast spells and I knew I had a connection with animals that was full of love.  I liked to pretend that I had the ability to do anything and feared that my parents would find out that I wanted some sort of skills in magic.  I grew up in a very conservative christian household, that did not support that type of imagination.  I remember even getting the hobbit taken away from me.  (My parent supporting reading, to the maximum degree, just not magical books)  In school, when we started learning about the Salem Witch Trial, and really just anything to do with something outside of my current faith, I was intrigued.  Thus began my love affair with Mr. Rice and her magical world.  
  • Working On: Getting my house ready for the changing seasons.  There is plenty of stuff to do.  Turn over my flower beds, seed the yards, paint outside trim, bring in my plant, plant bulbs for the spring, Fall Clean my house (like spring cleaning, just during fall).  See the list is ever growing.
  • Thinking About: how fast this year has gone by.  Does anyone else think that 2012 has blown by?  It is almost the last quarter of the year!  I hated how grown ups would always say that they older you get, the faster time goes by, but it is honestly the truth.  I remember thinking that summer break would NEVER come, or dying for Christmas to get here, but, anymore, it seems like those things come and go in a blink of an eye.
  • Anticipating: this weekend! I love labor day weekend because we always attend a local car show, and just spend time with our friends!  The perfect way to celebrate the end of summer
  • Wishing: pumpkin spice would just get here already!  
  • Loving: all the alkaline trio albums.  I haven't listened to them in years, but now am listening to the daily.  Forgot how much I liked them.

  • What has been going on in your life this week?

    Stay Sweet,



    1. Watching: Army Wives. Probably the worst thing I could watch, but I really like it, and the actresses are phenomenal. But this week "Switched at Birth" comes back, and some other shows I love. Love fall premiere week.

      Working On: Arts and Crafts Handbook. I worked as Arts and Crafts Head this summer at the YCamp in Iowa and so I'm making a handbook for the next person, it's pretty epic.

      Thinking About: Book shopping, I have a list of books I want to grab, but I only go to B&N to look at new books, and I go to Half Price Books to buy them, so I'm waiting diligently.

      Anticipating: My husband coming home, he's in the Air Force, and is coming back after 5 months of training, and get's back tomorrow, so stoked! And then next week we move to Hawaii!!

      Loving: "Fallen" by Thomas E. Sniegoski, he's a good writer, and I love anything about Angel myths, it's crazy interesting.

      Hope you have a fantastic day, I'm going to go get some Chinese! Woot woot!

      1. I think I am going to start watching Army Wives, I have heard so many good things about it! I am so glad that your hubby will be home soon! and moving to Hawaii, wowza, what a bunch of life changing events happening in the blink of an eye.

    2. I read a lot of Anne Rice when I was in 7th grade after seeing Interview with the Vampire. It was way over my head but I felt very sophisticated, lol. My favorite is The Vampire Lestat because, well, it's all about Lestat ;)

      I also read Vampire Diaries, but that was in 5th grade! Sometimes it's hard to watch the show because it's so different than the books. She started writing more Vampire Diaries books recently but I just don't care for them. I like her old stuff (L.J. Smith).

      I agree, so much to do for fall, I neglected my yard all summer since it was so hot and now it's a mess! I'm going to try and have tons of fun this weekend, because when it's over it's back to work on my house, yard and all the other stuff that has piled up!

      1. you are so right, it is all about lestat :)

    3. ooh, I want to try this:
      watching: way too much freaking Disney and Nick Jr, thanks to my 4-year-old little boy being a complete jerk about sharing the tv

      working on: getting kids clothes ready to consign, and finding stuff from my closet that I can part with.. need to come up with funds to pay for my upcoming date with Whispering Danny's exile tattoo

      thinking about: money, and how we always have just enough, but rarely more than that

      anticipating: Greaserama!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wishing: My hubs and I could get away for a week long vacay to the mountains or the beach sans kiddos

      Loving: all the new amazing people that have become my friends this year!

      1. Get the TV back, if only just at night!! :)

    4. PS... how cute is Dolly in that pic? Oh, and LOL at "tough titty."

    5. 2012 is definitely flying by! I have a theory about Alkaline Trio, because I love them as well, and every year at this time of year they just get to me! I can't stop listening and I think it's because of the changing seasons, nearing the colder months etc., whatever the reason, it's great isn't it!

    6. Dolly, dear Dolly Parton