• Watching: Project Runway.  Always a good choice.  Who is your favorite this season?  Aren't you glad Michael Kors and Heidi are back!
  • Working On: not getting sick.  There is a stronghold of flu like symptoms in my house, and I have scoured every surface and washed EVERYTHING in hot, hot water with bleach to ensure I stay well.
  • Thinking About: planning my favorite September activities!  We always go to a pumpkin patch, and my hometown's fall festival.  I grew up in rural southern Missouri, and my hometown had a whopping 1200 people in it, when I graduated.  It has since grown, but it is still small.  However, this fall festival draws in crowds, sometimes even by the tens of thousands.  Plus, I love running into old friends!
  • Anticipating: wedding cake.  My friend is getting married tomorrow and there will be cake!
  • Eating: well, not really eating, but chewing this new gum I found. Dentine Fire! It is a spicy cinnamon and reminds me of red hots.  I am in lust.
  • Wishing: I could go to the beach.  Oh, and that shark week would be over already.

  • Stay Sweet,
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    1. My favorite comfort food would for sure be oreos with banannas and peanut butter. Dear Lord. So good. Either that or homemade butterbeer. Delish.

    2. So glad MK and Heidi are back, its not project runway without them! I havnt picked a favorite yet. There are a few I love to hate though!