• Watching: still watching the olympics, duh, but also trying to get my obsession of Gossip Girl out of the way!  It is so addicting.  Have any of you watched, or are currently watching this series?  Who is your favorite character?  I love Serena so much.  I love her boho chic style, her long messy hair.  I am also addicted to Mr. Chuck Bass, but who isn't?
  • Working On: This new ab routine.  Dear gawd, it is killer.  Not only does it focus on your abs, but my back and legs are killing me too.  I am only three days in, and already feeling the burn.  I am waiting until September to start my yoga class.  I don't know why, but I always like to start things on an even number, or the beginning of the month.  I know it is OCD, but I just feel like I have to start at the beginning, or I am all thrown off.
  • Thinking About: How amazing the weather is today.  It is 12:30 and 72 degrees in Kansas City.  No humidity, just sun and endless possibilities!
  • Anticipating: my good friends wedding next weekend!  It is Vintage Carnival Themed, and I know it is going to be amazing.
  • Eating: Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers.  Oh em gee.  I am in carb heaven :)
  • Wishing: Autumn would get here!  I have already moved my living room around for "Fall/Holiday" decorating.  (this is just a stratigical placement of furniture to incorporate fall decorations, and then a christmas tree)  Besides, we have the Elliott Annual Pumpkin Patch in full bloom, with several pumpkins just waiting to be picked.  And we know I have a love affair with orange this year, and shades of orange are always welcoming to Autumn!

  • Stay Sweet,


    1. I just got a new orange dress, I can't wait to wear it with some new brown boots I will be purchasing in the near future!

    2. i love me some gossip girl i love blair and chuck what season are you on?

      1. just finished season the wait...

    3. You look stunning! I'm hugely addicted to Gossip Girl and adore Blair and Chuck both together and separately :)