• Watching: The Olympics.  Could I be any more transparent?  I love the olympics.  I love that it is a small nod to patriotism, and I love that our first lady has been a big supporter of it!  Michelle Obama is a classy lady, and I don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, or anything in between, she is a woman to be respected.  I love her campaign of getting children to exercise, and what better platform, than the world's stage of amazing athletes?!  Oh, and I went to see the Dark Knight Rises last night. It was a pretty good movie.  I am really not into "action" movies, go figure, but it was enjoyable.  I thought since our last HORRIBLE movie theater experience, we had sworn off theaters all together, but going on a thursday night showed to be less people, no screaming children, and no one hacking up a lung, so altogether a decent time.
  • Working On: Weaning myself off of dairy.  Here is my weakness: lattes and frozen yogurt.  Geez, why does my work have to be in close proximity to Yogurtini (think pink berry) and Starbucks?  I might have to extend my vegan-ness into september....See even talking about frozen yogurt makes my mouth water.
  • Thinking About: My need to get outside.  I really, really need the temperature to drop oh, about 30-40 degrees.  Anytime now mother nature, anytime.  This summer has been unbearable.  Especially for midwestern standards. Usually it is just the humidity, but this summer is has been the heat AND humidity.  I guess if my one complaint is the weather, then my life isn't too bad.
  • Anticipating: a certain publication in a national tattoo magazine to come out. *squeeee*
  • Eating: Honey Peanut Pretzel Luna Bars.  Oh em gee. Have you tried these? They are an amazing mix of salty and sweet, the perfect combination.  (I know, not vegan, but I am working on it)
  • Wishing: I could have popcorn for every meal.  This might seem appealing, or nutritious, but I love me some homemade popcorn.  Of course, you know that.  Oh and a real vacation.  I haven't had a vacation in about 3 years.  A real, hop on a plane, fly somewhere fun, vacation.  This gal is looking for a trip to anywhere.

  • Stay Sweet,

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