A Peek into My Life

List 8 things you would hope to be remembered for.
  1.  Kindness.  I hope that people know, or get to experience kindness from me, or at least with me.  The simple act of kindness restores faith in humanity for me.  It doesn't always have to come in a large gesture, but without expectation of reward.
  2. Charm.  This is something that is a lost art, in my opinion.  I have always wanted to be charming and always hoped that when asked to describe me, charming, would be on that list.  Just like the days of ladies wearing gloves and hats, being charming has fallen to the way side.
  3. Hostess.  Throwing parties is something I love to do, and hope that people like to attend.  Because I am OCD, I like parties to be thematic and like things to be perfection.  Ask me to prove it to you.
  4. Author.  Some day I will write a book.  I don't know that achieving national recognition is what I am looking for, although I wouldn't be sad if it did, but just being able to publish a book is something I have always wanted to do, and want to leave as my legacy.
  5. Strength.  Not in the physical realm, necessarily.  
  6. Friendship.  I hope I can always be a good friend, to those that deserve a good friend.
  7. Knowledge. My quest for knowledge will never wain, but I hope people see that beneath the blonde hair and big boobs, there is a smart, smart lady
  8. Style.  I know you can always improve your mood, stance, or position simply by how you dress.
Stay Sweet,

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