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 List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them
  1. Reading.  My parent instilled in me a passion to read from a very early age, and I am so thankful that they did.  I remember being read to as a child, and trying very hard to learn to read myself.  From as early as kindergarten, I read, and haven't stopped.  I think my favorite thing about reading is the amount of information that you can learn.  Reading can transport you to any place and make a boring day into something exciting, just by opening a book.
  2. Writing.  Along with reading, I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember.  I don't really like talking to people about "feelings", and I think people would be surprised to know I am a very private person.  Writing has always been a way to help me get out whatever I am/was/have been feeling.  I also think that it is fun to go back and read what I wrote years ago.  Sometimes it is fun to relive that experience, sometimes it is good to see the growth in my life.
  3. Cooking.  I love to cook, and again, grew up in a house that fostered a love for home cooking.  Both my mother and father are really good at cooking, and often times I use it as a refuge.  The element of control, love, nurture is all there in cooking and I find that both familiar and calming.
  4. Shopping.  Carrie Bradshaw had it right when she said shopping was her cardio.  I could make a living out of shopping.  I love it. Fashion, shopping, styling all things that I love, and I am not sure how it is a 'hobby', per say, but to me it is.
  5. this is why I need to get out of my house....I don't think I have a fifth hobby.  Pathetic.

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  1. Your fifth hobby could be photo shoots and modeling!