• Watching: I started watching Vampire Diaries, and well, now, I'm hooked.  I have always loved the darker side, starting with Interview with a Vampire.  When that movie came out, I was much to young to read, and enjoy, Anne Rice.  However, by the time I started reading Ms. Rice, my love of the occult was real.  I do enjoy a good vampire novel, but I secretly alway wanted to have magical abilities.  When I was younger, I desperately wanted to be able to cast spells and I knew I had a connection with animals that was full of love.  I liked to pretend that I had the ability to do anything and feared that my parents would find out that I wanted some sort of skills in magic.  I grew up in a very conservative christian household, that did not support that type of imagination.  I remember even getting the hobbit taken away from me.  (My parent supporting reading, to the maximum degree, just not magical books)  In school, when we started learning about the Salem Witch Trial, and really just anything to do with something outside of my current faith, I was intrigued.  Thus began my love affair with Mr. Rice and her magical world.  
  • Working On: Getting my house ready for the changing seasons.  There is plenty of stuff to do.  Turn over my flower beds, seed the yards, paint outside trim, bring in my plant, plant bulbs for the spring, Fall Clean my house (like spring cleaning, just during fall).  See the list is ever growing.
  • Thinking About: how fast this year has gone by.  Does anyone else think that 2012 has blown by?  It is almost the last quarter of the year!  I hated how grown ups would always say that they older you get, the faster time goes by, but it is honestly the truth.  I remember thinking that summer break would NEVER come, or dying for Christmas to get here, but, anymore, it seems like those things come and go in a blink of an eye.
  • Anticipating: this weekend! I love labor day weekend because we always attend a local car show, and just spend time with our friends!  The perfect way to celebrate the end of summer
  • Wishing: pumpkin spice would just get here already!  
  • Loving: all the alkaline trio albums.  I haven't listened to them in years, but now am listening to the daily.  Forgot how much I liked them.

  • What has been going on in your life this week?

    Stay Sweet,


    Who wants to be a cartoon?

    I have secretly always wanted to be a cartoon.  I mean, who doesn't?  Sweet Becca, over at Becca's Bombshells: The Pin-up Art of Becca Whitaker  commissioned me a piece, and I could not be more in love with it!

    She has a super amazing turn around time, and everything came out just perfect!  Be sure to look through more of her art.  Even if you are not a "pin-up" girl or guy she can turn you into her mid-century modern take on a version of you!

    Stop by her page and tell her hi, or send her a message to get started on your own cartoon!

    Stay Sweet,

    Daily Candy

    MUAH: Scarlett Peacock

    Here is a little preview of a shoot I did this past weekend.  So fun and my first time to shoot in a hotel.  The hotel rooms were so cool, Alicia and I were contemplating how to get one of the chairs into our cars!

    Stay Sweet,

    Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week!

    <3 Michael Kors phone case <3

    <3 Mixed Bracelet is an instant arm party <3

    <3 super cute chevron nighty <3

    <3 From one of my favorite movies, Mean Girls, stop trying to make fetch happen <3

    Stay Sweet,

    A slice of life

    A peek into my life

               Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.         

    • Birthdays.  At my house growing up, my parent made sure that your birthday was always something extra special.  My mom started a trend of birth"week", which is still celebrated, much to my husband's dismay, to this day.  Because my birthday, along with most of my siblings, have birthdays either one, or around, holidays birth weeks were a way to make sure that it actually got celebrated.  This didn't mean that we got thousands of huge presents, it just meant that we got a whole week to really celebrate, well, US with friends and family.  As a child, we always got to go out to eat at our favorite restaraunt.  Since we lived in the country, going out to dinner was something really, really special. Sometimes that meant Olive Garden, and sometimes it meant ordering pizza from Dominos.  My dad and mom would also fix on of our favorite meals during that week too.  This is one of my favorite things about growing up.  It was special and always made your feel special.
    • Summer.  This particular time of year was always memorable.  I don't think I have ever spent so much time out side.  We were always encouraged to play outside, and we have unlimited resources that would beckon us from our beds!  Basketball goal, trampoline, badmitton set, volley ball net, and the most amazing tree fort you would have ever seen.  Not to mention bikes, and skates, and just a pair of beat down shoes.  On top of having a child's dream of outdoor activities at our fingertips, my brother and I were heavily involved in summer sports.  I think there is something to be said for kids that have to find their own magic during the summer.  If you are busy playing outside you learn a lot.  If you fall down, and nothing is broken, get up and keep playing.  There is nothing better the clean air and lots of sunshine.  Dirt under your fingernails just means that you were probably planting something, that within a few months, would produce something yummy.  Also kids that play sports are less likely to fall into a bad crowd, and these days, there are a lot of bad crowds.
    • Halloween.  In my house, Halloween was not a joke.  We always had the BEST costumes.  My mom has always been really great at theatrical makeup, and my grandmother can literally make a paper bag look like a couture dress!  Between the two of them, our costumes were amazing!  My mom always made this holiday fun, silly, and about what it should be about: dressing up and using your imagination!
    Stay Sweet,

    Sweet Nothings for the Weekend

    This weekend I am home, with just the puppies, while the Mr. attends another wedding.  I have three photos shoots with weekend, wowza, and to top it off I believe that whatever illness the Mr. had last week, he passed on to me.

    I will continue my search for the latest issue of Skin & Ink, which I am in, and hopefully find it.  I have visited my local Barnes and Noble, every single day, for the last two weeks, hoping to find that they had put them out, but they haven't, so the search continues.

    This weekend is also going to be about put out fall decorations and maybe enjoying this last week of August before summer (un)officially slips away.  

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    Stay Sweet,


    The only things we have grown this summer, Pumpkins and Butternut Squash.  Recipe time!

  • Watching: really I haven't been watching anything this week.  I don't really have a "show" right now, but am anxiously awaiting several to return: New Girl, American Horror Story, Glee, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and Pan Am and some new ones: 666 Park Avenue, Nashville
  • Working On: getting some more photos in publication.  I would like to know that what I do, even as a hobby, is going somewhere, you now.
  • Thinking About: getting my fall decorations out, sorted, and put up.  I am going to be redecorating my big vine wreath, so be looking for a DIY coming up.
  • Anticipating: our favorite time of year, Greaserama!  It is a car show, labor day weekend in KC and so much fun!  We always end up staying the whole weekend.  It is hosted at an old drive in theater and there are tons of old cars, food trucks, retail vendors, pinup girls, greasers and fun!  I can't wait!
  • Eating: or drinking, or actually thinking about drinking PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!! I love pumpkin and any way I can get it!
  • Wishing: that there were more pet friendly places.  I wished that I could take my new puppy everywhere with me.  To work, grocery shopping, out to eat.  There are many times I just hide her in my purse, and make her promise that she will be quite, but I would love to just carry her out in the open. Out and proud, you know?

  • What has been going on in your life this week?

    Stay Sweet,

    Treasure Try-out Thursdays

    Imagine my surprise when I saw that Cynthia Rowley was making Band Aids!  Fashions and Falls/Scraps do kind of go hand in hand, I mean who hasn't worn a pair of killer heels, just to get killer blisters?  Now you can save that skin with some style!

    Now, as far as band aids go, I guess these are on the "higher end" as they are more pricey than say, just plain ole skin toned bandages, but hello, these have sequins and chains!

    I kind of love them.  They are available at most drugstores and a portion of sales goes to Design Ignites Change, an organization that "engages high school and college students in design and architecture projects that address social issues in their own communities."

    Stay Sweet,

    The Pinup from the Paris of the Plains with Jux

    Did you know that Kansas City was once referred to as the "Paris of the Plains"?  Who knew, right?!  Well, I have decided to jazz up my pinup persona by adopting it to my tag line and what better way to display that, then with a new platform?

    Are you familiar with Jux?  If not, it is my latest, greatest find.  I used to have a tumblr account, but I could escape the drama and horrible posts, and then in walks Jux.  It is streamlined, clean and easy to use, plus no drama!

    "Jux is the ultimate place to share your photos, videos, words and more. It's like blogging in HD. 100% delicious content. Zero crap."

    Paper Moon Photography// MUA: Candy Cunningham// Hair: Get Your Locks Off
    I hope that you stop by my Jux, take a look, and join yourself!  Follow me if you do, and I will follow back!

    Stay Sweet,

    Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Model, Student and Public Relations extraordinaire

    Where are you from: Houston Texas!

    Favorite photographer to work with: Papermoon Photography by Charlie Girl

    Featured photo(s):
    All images by Papermoon Photography by Charlie Girl

    Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite?
    These images are from Charlie Girl of Papermoon Photography and I love them. I think one of the biggest reasons I love working with her is because as a woman, she can relate to my body and what looks good and what doesn’t. She is brutally honest and open when it comes to what she thinks will look good and what really doesn’t. I like someone that will be honest to get the best work, not just tell me what I want to hear. 

    How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I have been modeling since I was a child – did a brief stint in Latin America as a baby and small pieces through childhood. I picked it back up the past 2 years now that I am more comfortable in my skin again.

    Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? I LOVE Rita Hayworth! She is just gorgeous and was so talented. I can also relate to the fact that while she appeared to be the “white” girl next door, she was from Spanish descent. I am commonly thought to be Anglo, but I am actually full Hispanic.

    What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? Honestly, I don’t have a favorite designed or line- I just like what I like. Most of my wardrobe is vintage and a lot of the tags have since faded or been removed. If I had to pick, I really love getting custom pieces made from Pinup One here in Houston.

    If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be? This is tough for me. I really love Viva Van Story and Varga. They are just super talented, but with school and working multiple jobs, I never seem to have the funds or the time. At the same time, I am always open to working with unknown photographers and see what are we can make together.

    Stay Sweet,

    Daily Candy


    Dress: Dia de las Muertos Hell Bunny Dress

    Stay Sweet,

    A slice of life

    Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week

    These toothbrushes are meant to clean around your house, not your mouth.
    A dandy man is always a good look. 

    Punjammies.  This is an amazing company.  Check it out!

    An amazing purse sized phone charger
    Stay Sweet,

    A peek into my life

    Seventeen.  Dancing Queen. 
    What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

    I find the word forgiveness to be very interesting.  The reason why I preface this story with this is because, most of the time, people associate the word forgiveness with something that has happen against you, or to you.  My story is actually about something that happen around me.  Yeah, it happened, and I didn't get to control anything about the situation, and although it didn't happen directly to me, it is still something I had to forgive.

    My parents got divorced when I was 17.  This is the hardest thing, so far, that I have had to learn to forgive.  It didn't happen over night either, in fact, I would say I am still working on it, 13 years later.  As the oldest, of four, I really thought that I wouldn't suffer repercussions to it, or at least they would be so severe.  I was very wrong.  I had experienced my parents together the longest, and suddenly realized I had the most to lose.  

    Most people, these days, have divorced parents.  In fact, I think it is so common that people don't really stop and give it a second glance.  To me, this was the end of my world and it was happening at a time where my life was just supposed to be beginning.  I was a senior in high school and graduation was just a few short months away.  I know now that my response to my parents marriage ending was a bit of a selfish one.  I don't think people should stay together, just because they have children.  If a relationship is not built on trust and love, then it is not benefiting anyone.  Once those two things are gone, is there a reason to keep fighting for the relationship?

    I soon realized that I wouldn't have a wedding where my parents were together.  I would be able to return home to my house during holidays and share that with my parents.  My family was now split.  Seperate houses, seperate lives, seperate everything and that was what hurt the most.

    As an adult, though, I see it slightly differently.  I also see it through the eyes of forgiveness.  Yes, sometimes holidays are kind of a nightmare. (We do a lot of driving) However, we get to celebrate everything a lot.  Plus it opened the door for new traditions!  Also my siblings and I have had the chance to form deep relationships based simply on the fact that we had to be there for each other.  I don't know if that would be the same if my parent were still together, but I like to think that it made us appreciate each other more.

    How do you view forgiveness?  To you think it is something that forces you to constantly keep working towards it, or something that comes easily to you?

    Stay Sweet,

    Sweet Nothings for the Weekend.

    My sweet friend is getting married today and here is just a little preview from our friday!  I can't wait to share more photos from this event, as it should be super fun!

    Stay Sweet,


  • Watching: Project Runway.  Always a good choice.  Who is your favorite this season?  Aren't you glad Michael Kors and Heidi are back!
  • Working On: not getting sick.  There is a stronghold of flu like symptoms in my house, and I have scoured every surface and washed EVERYTHING in hot, hot water with bleach to ensure I stay well.
  • Thinking About: planning my favorite September activities!  We always go to a pumpkin patch, and my hometown's fall festival.  I grew up in rural southern Missouri, and my hometown had a whopping 1200 people in it, when I graduated.  It has since grown, but it is still small.  However, this fall festival draws in crowds, sometimes even by the tens of thousands.  Plus, I love running into old friends!
  • Anticipating: wedding cake.  My friend is getting married tomorrow and there will be cake!
  • Eating: well, not really eating, but chewing this new gum I found. Dentine Fire! It is a spicy cinnamon and reminds me of red hots.  I am in lust.
  • Wishing: I could go to the beach.  Oh, and that shark week would be over already.

  • Stay Sweet,
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    Treasure Tryout Thursday

    Katy Perry Eyelure Lashes

    This is my newest find at CVS.  My newest treasure, if you will.  I have loved wearing false lashes for a long time, and I will tell you, the trick to them is practice.  The first couple of times you wear them, they might feel weird, they might even look, well, not so great, but here are a few tips to help you perfect your lashes.

    1.  Buy seperate lash adhesive.  The stuff that comes with fake lashes are a joke, so just look around a find lash adhesive.

    2. Before gluing on the lash, measure them across you eye lid.  Most of the time lashes are too long, so they will need to be trimmed.

    3. Bend/Flex the lashes before you adhere them.  Giving them a little bit of bend will make the lay better across you nature lashes.

    My favorite of the 4 "looks" is the Oh, My!  They are double lashes, so they make you look like a doll and they are NOT natural looking at all, so if you are going for kind of natural, these are not the ones to get.

    Have fun!

    Stay Sweet,

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    Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday

    Sally Sparrow // Facebook // Pinup Lifestyle

    Age: A lady never tells

    Occupation: Aspiring Pinup Model/Makeup Artist

    Where are you from: I'm a midwestern girl from Ohio

    Favorite Photographer to work with: I have had the pleasure to work with many talented and wonderful photographers, including Roy Varga, Dynamite Dames, Autumn Luciano and Alicia A, to name a few. I love shooting and collaborating with new people. It's a thrill and so satisfying to experience a variety of styles and artistic visions.

    Photo 1 Model: Sally Sparrow
    Photographer: Varga Photography
    Makeup: Christina Ireland
    Hair: Bombshell Mandy
    Location: Bombshell Pinups, New Jersey

    Photo 2 Model: Sally Sparrow
    Photographer: Decadence Dolls by Autumn Luciano
    Makeup: Christina Ireland
    Hair: Stephanie Strowbridge
    Location: Decadence Dolls, Michigan

    Model: Sally Sparrow
    Photographer: Alicia A
    MUAH: Christina Ireland
    Location: A3 Studioworks, Ohio

    Photo 4 Model: Sally Sparrow
    Photographer: Decadence Dolls by Autumn Luciano
    Makeup: Christina Ireland
    Hair: Stephanie Strowbridge
    Location: Decadence Dolls, Michigan

    Tell me about your featured photos. When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? 
    I've submitted four favorite photos, taken in 2011 and early 2012. I tried to choose images that demonstrate various sides of myself. They were shot in New Jersey, Michigan and Ohio. It's hard to say what makes a photo, a favorite. Sometimes, it's what happens on set or a great connection you feel with the photographer. I believe that modeling allows you to tap into a gamut of emotions and can challenge you in such a wonderful way. And it's so much fun!

    How long have you been modeling?
    I've modeled sporadically since 2007, while I worked on my makeup artistry. It wasn't until early 2011 that modeling became my primary focus. It's so wonderful to be able to express many different sides of my personality. The support and positive feedback that I receive from my fans, friends and family is quite addictive and humbling, all at the same time.

    Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration?
    My favorite pinup vixens of the past are burlesque babes, Sherry Britton and Zorita. Presently, the pinups whose work inspires me most are Morgana, Mosh, Lila Luxx, La Esmeralda, Mala Mastroberte and Calamity Amelie.

    What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers?
    My favorite lines for lingerie are Kriss Soonik, Kiss Me Deadly, Miss Katie and Secrets In Lace. For Pinup dresses and separates, Bettie Page Clothing, Lulu and Lush and Pinup Couture really seem to work best with my curves. My favorite designers are Nanette Lepore and Matthew Williamson. For shoes, Bordellos (of course) and I have been absolutely adoring the last two seasons from Betsey Johnson.

    If you could shoot with any photographer, who would it be?
    It's a challenge to name only one. My dream list would definitely include Viva Van Story, Moritz Maibaum and Sherbet Birdie. I'll be able to cross Viva off my list, when I shoot with her this summer. I'm so excited!

    Stay Sweet,

    30 things to get you to age 30

    I decided to compile a list of budget friendly items to get you to your 30's (and beyond).   I thought it might be a good article since some people are heading back to school, or maybe with the (upcoming) change of a season, you might be looking to build your wardrobe.  

    I always knew that in order to maintain looking young, I had to take care of what I already had (i.e. my skin), and purchase items that are classic.  Now, you know that not everyone fits into a "style", but owning classic pieces, that stand the test of time, will make sure that if you do splurge a little now, it will be able to be stretched across a decade or more and still be relevant.

    Skin Care Routine
    • Facewash
    • Moisturizer with SPF
    • Exfoliation Scrub
    • Eye Cream
    I don't think it matters what you use, just that you are using it.  I have tried skincare lines from the very expensive, to something you can pick up at Target.  If you have a favorite, then love it and use it!  I am not here to recommend a certain company, but I am here to tell you that if you start taking care of your skin early, it will pay off in a youthful glow for years to come.  Additionally, you might think 20 is a little young for "eye cream" but the first place a woman will start to show age is around her eyes, so why not combat it as soon as you can?

    5 minute Makeup and a Glamourous Makeup Routine
    • Powder (whether mineral based, pressed or loose)
    • Concealer
    • Blush/Bronzer
    • Mascara
    • Neutral eye shadow (some that can be layered to transition from day to night)
    • black eye liner
    • lipgloss
    Again, brands are not what matters.  You should be able to throw on your "face" in a simple amount of time, and then now how to up the ante when your makeup calls for going out.  The great thing is that makeup companies are realizing that if they package things together, then it makes it a lot easier for people who are trying to "get a clue" when is comes to makeup.  My favorite neutral palette is Naked or Naked II by Urban Decay.  It has ever color that can go from day to play in just a couple of tones.  It works with all skin tones and will last forever!

    • Shoes
      • Ballet Flats in a neutral palette.  You can wear these anywhere.  And I promise once you find a pair that you love, buy stock in that brand.
      • Black Heels.  This is the one shoe that I urge you to splurge on.  A great black heel can take you from the office to a night out, even your work parties.  Black heels can tow the line between structure and fun, and the right pair will never go out of style.  Think a "low" heel, 3 inches, and leather.  My favorite pair of heels I bought 9 years ago.  They are still looking great, and because I found a quality pair, they are not going to be out of style next season.
      • Tall Black Boots.  This is critical, especially when transistioning from spring/summer to fall/winter.  Again, this area, if played right, will give you years of wear.  Think low heel, or flat, classic lines, and leather.  
      • Weekend Shoes.  This is wear a fantastically designed pair of sleek sneakers come in.  Converse, Puma, Adidas enter my mind.  I am not talking about running shoes.  In my opinion running shoes should ONLY be worn when, in fact, you are running.  Or if it fits your character, perhaps a pair of loafers or moccasins.  
      • Sandals.  No, not old navy flip flops.  Actual sandals.  They can come in a mulitude of colors and can even be slightly dressy when venturing into the metallic zone.
    • Pants
      • Black Trousers.  Whatever brand carries your favorite black dress pants, that is what I am talking about.  Make sure to stay away from trends in this department, as it will "date" you quickly.  Find a fit that is slightly wide, low to mid rise, and fits you like a glove.
      • Jeans.  Here is a place where it is easy to get caught up in the trendy things to wear, but honestly, don't.  You don't need your jeans to be bedazzled, the stitching to be white and wide, ultra skinny, or strange rips/tears, or odd dye jobs.  Find your favorite brand and a darker wash denim and love them to pieces.  
      • Pencil Skirt.  If there is one thing that can instantly make you look pulled together, it is the classic lines of a pencil skirt.  Keep in mind, a pencil skirt is supposed to fit tight across your hips and thighs, and it will also sit high on the waist.  If you are more pear shaped, or worried about the width of your thighs, a great A-line skirt can give you the same pulled together look, and still make you feel confident.
      • Statement Pants.  Maybe they are tweed, plaid, or just brown.  You should find a great fitting pair of pants that have a pattern, and love them!
    • Tops
      • Cardigan.  Everyone should own a couple of these.  They will look chic in the office, on a date, or even just when you are on the go and need a light jacket.  Black, of course, is a no brainer, but you can have a little fun on color and pattern.  I love a good leopard print, and will wear it as a neutral.
      • Tailored Blazer.  A great fitting blazer will never go out of style.  If you need a reference look at Kate Middleton.  She knows how to find a well fitting blazer and it can go from office to date with a few accessories.
    • Extras
      • Little Black Dress.  This dress will get you from A to Z.  You can wear it to work, a date, on a job interview, etc.  It all comes down to how you accessorize it.
      • Cold Weather Coat.  Even if you don't live in an area where freezing temps are the mainstream, chances are you may travel somewhere where you will need to have a coat to get your through.
      • Lingerie.  Not for your significant other, necessarily.  By lingerie that is for you, and trust me, if you love the way you look in it, trust me, they will love the way you look in it too.
      • Leather Handbag.  Think streamlined.  No sequins, no big logos, something that can go the extra mile and not go out of style.
      • Clutch.  You want something that you can carry on a date, or to a party and look classy but functional at the same time
      • Watch.  Invest in a good time piece.  Michael Kors is my go to purchase.  Mid line prices and instant upgrade to your arm.
      • Weekender Bag.  Sometimes, on short trips, you don't want to look like you are moving in, but you shouldn't stuff all your things into a too small tote.  Get a nice looking weekender and impress your company.
      • Sunglasses.  Find your signature shades.  These will work wonders when you eyes are bloodshot from a party, or just tired from running your kids everywhere.
    Stay Sweet,

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