What's in your Beach Bag? Link Up Party

I don't know about you, but it is already sweltering here in the midwest.  High heat, high humidity.  This time of year always makes me wanna move.  Coastal.  Somewhere near bodies of water.  I am landlocked, here in Missouri, and if the humidity doesn't kill you, when it is sweeping across the plains, the lack of water will.  I know I am being dramatic, but a lukewarm pool just doesn't cut it.  And, I DO NOT swim in lakes.  Those gross me out, big time.

So, to beat the heat, I am linking up with Chasing Davies, another KC blogger, about what I would love to carry to the pool, or beach!

1. Sun hat.  Due to my fair skin, and fair hair, I always want to shade my head and face. Plus, after jumping in the water, and making my hair look like a hot mess, this offer protection from sun and judgement :)

2. Sunblock.  Like I mentioned above, I am very fair skinned and have lots of money invested in tattoos, which I do not want to ruin, and I do not want to look like a leather bag by the time I am 40.  I wear sunscreen everyday.  Even in the winter.  It is an easy addition to any beauty routine, and I encourage everyone to add this to their resolutions during the year.  I usually by SPF 30 and re-apply throughout the day.  I have heard anything above 30 is just a gimmick.  As long as you are applying properly, you should be protected from the suns' spectrum.

3. Amazon Kindle. My dear Mr bought me a Kindle for Christmas 4 years ago, and I love it, still!  It's size is perfect for toting in my bag/purse.  I can download a book in an instant.  I don't travel without it. Even if I am only traveling to the pool.

4. Water.  I don't think it really matters what brand/kind of water it is, but I just love Fiji Water. I think I am a sucker for packaging, and the square bottle, well, I just like it.

5.  Beach Bag.  This one I love.  The bright color.  The size. Perfection!

The last thing I make sure I have is the number for a local Pizza place or Jimmy Johns.  Both places deliver, and no one want to put on their swimsuit cover up and go pick something up.  Give them a ring, and get your snack delivered to you!  So, what's in your beach bag?  Head over to Chasing Davies and let her know.  You might win something fabulous, wink wink! 

Stay Sweet, Kem


  1. Love that bag - so cute!! Thank you so much for linking up! :)

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. HI...I just found your blog through Terri and can't wait to dig in. I love pin-up and have done a pin-up post in a past blog post.

    I love Fiji water. I know the packaging lures me to, but I swear it tastes better than other water...so much cleaner! Love it.

    I too have fair skin, so the hat, sunnies and the mega sunscreen all go in my bag. I haven't taken my Kindle...I'm worried about sand getting into it.