Sweet Bar Cart DIY

I am a bit of a collector.  I like to collect tea pots, clothing, vintage treasures and more recently, vintage glass ware.  I have inherited quite a bit of carnival glass, from my Grandmother, and other pieces that have family history, but my new favorite is vintage barware.

My Gramma Wetherington gifted me a set of glass decanters that were my great, great, great grandfathers and they are beautiful.  Carved, Cut glass and in excellent condition.  Along the way I have picked up other pieces at estate sales, antique stores and received some as gifts.

This growing collection inspired me to set up a bar cart.  One a place to openly store my favorite things, and Two, make something that is functional as well as collective!

I salvaged the cart from an antique store, and left all the "patina" on it.  Sometimes, I like to clean things up for a modern edge, but this time, I just cleaned it and left as is.

Next, I found the vintage stainless steel ice bucket on an antique expedition and then pulled out all my bar ware.

I top it off with a wooden serving tray, that I picked up from Target.

The wine rack was an auction find and I display my red wines in it.  All in all, I am super excited with how it turned out!

Tips for creating your own personal Bar Cart:
  • Know how big of a cart you are looking for.  Don't count out tea service carts, or even shelves when you are looking
  • Make sure there is enough room for glass ware as well as your alcohol.
  • Use modern pieces to accentuate the vintage for a well rounded look

Stay Sweet,

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  1. I totally just bought an old rolling cart like this for our kitchen! Very cute!