A peek into my life

What are the 5 things that make you the most happy right now?
  1. My family and my dogs!  I love having a family that is loving, supportive, and mostly just people that are interested in what I am up to.  Even though it can be dysfunctional, it is still my family, and I will love them always.  And dogs, who doesn't love dogs?
  2. Living in a country that affords me the luxury of having clean water, indoor plumbing, air conditioning and the ability to get anything that I desire.
  3. Personal Style.  I love being comfortable enough to dress like (early) Betty Draper and not care that people think I am on my way to a costume party.
  4. Fresh Produce.  Summer in the midwest mean produce by the truckload.  My dad has been quoted as saying "Don't leave your car unlocked in the summer, or when you come back to it, it will be full of zucchini."  And, honestly, he isn't lying.
  5. Having a (real) job that I actually like going to.  It is super sad to know that I wasted 2 whole years at a job that I hated.  If you spend 40 odd hours a week at a job, then you should like it.  That is a whole lot of time, that is basically used to break you down, if you are at a job that you hate.
Stay Sweet,

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  1. I like how you are grateful for all the things that are good about your life - so many people are not. :D