A peek into my life

Describe your 10 pet peeves.

  1. Bad Grammar.  Ugh, this one kills me, and it seems to only be getting worse.  Do children not pay attention during language arts?  Are teachers just not convincing?  Learn how to speak people!!
  2. People who drive slow in the passing lane.  I don't understand this, at all.  If you are going to drive under the speed limit, then please, drive in the right lane.
  3. People who stand in line, and still don't know what they want to order. This seems to always happen at Starbucks, and it drives me nuts.
  4. Movie Theaters.  I don't even like going to the theater anymore because people are so disrespectful.  The last movie I went to, there was a man who was coughing so much, I could barely hear over him, a woman who wouldn't get off her cell phone and children in a movie that was clearly too old for them.  Grrrr...why pay $10 a ticket to be somewhere you would rather not be?
  5. Screaming Children.  Really screaming children anywhere.  I don't pay to go out somewhere just to listen to your screaming child.  If they are having a melt down, and you can take them elsewhere please do.  I get it that in certain situations (airplane, train, airport, etc) you can't really leave, but in the middle of the grocery store, or the movies, or out to dinner at a fairly upscale place.  
  6. Backhanded Compliments.
  7. Watching anyone eat meat on a bone.
  8. People who have personal conversations on their cell phone in very public places.
  9. People who feel the need to comment on or touch my tattoos.
  10. People who share way too much information.  


  1. I totally agree with the movie theater situation. I went to see one of the Harry Potter movies a few years back and some teenagers totally talked the whole time and ruined it for me. I promised myself I would never sit through that again no matter how much I want to see the movie. I now just get up and go get my money back. It's a pain in the ass but I just can't tolerate talking during the dang movie!

    As for screaming kids, a lot of times it's the parents that irritate me...Kids are going to scream, but it's all about the way the parent handles it. I agree there are appropriate places to take children, such as kid friendly restaurants and such, and so screaming kids in places not really even meant for kids can be very annoying. But, now that I've had one, I know it's embarrassing and can feel very hopeless to be the mom of a screaming kid, especially when they are going through phases of crying and being bad. My kid always threw his fits at the grocery store, but I had to buy food so I really didn't have a choice but to keep shopping. Chances are the parents hate the screaming as much, if not more, than you :)

    1. Tiffany, I think you are onto something with the parents!! I agree, it comes down to how the parents are going to handle it.

      And the movie theaters..I mean, if I have to pay $10 to get in and then about $100 at the concession stand, one would think, that I would like to have an enjoyable time. We just use Hulu and Netflix now. Grrrrr theaters!!!

  2. The movie theater is spot on! Here are a couple of my experiences...
    1. A lady next in the next chair translating the whole movie to her children. I asked her to be quiet and she dumped her bag of popcorn on me while yelling at me in Spanish.
    2. A man who was coughing a lot and it was smelling really bad. He finally got up to leave and as he scooted in front of me had a coughing fit (that prevented more walking) and....PASSED GAS IN MY FACE.

    But the screaming kids is probably my biggest pet peeve of all time. It's selfish to assume because you don't mind your misbehaved or upset child that no one else does. Heave. I totally agree with Tiffany above it's the parents who bug me about this. They ignore it while the rest of us can't.

    1. I agree too! The parents need to get this under control. and I can't believe that about the movie theater! OMG!!!