June Stitch Fix Review #4

Tulle 3/4 sleeve Cardigan         $55
This sweater was light weight, super soft and gorgeous autumn colors.  I would wear it over a t-shirt with jeans and a long necklace.  I however have a sweater that is very similar, so I decided not to keep it.  However if you are looking for a transitional piece into autumn, this would be a great cardigan to have.

DV by Dolce Vita yoki dot top       $88

I really wanted this to work, but I am too busty for this top.  It is lightweight and flowy and can be worn two ways, either with the wrap part in the back, or towards the front.  Gorgeous, but I didn't fit.

Lovemarks Racerback Tank      $42

This tank is super cute and is perfect in the summer as it is flowy and not tight.  I love the color blocking and the fabric would be great to wear on a hot day.  I, however, have to be very careful when it comes to an A-line style tank, as they can make me look, well pregnant.  I didn't keep this one, either, but on a less chesty person, this would be a home run!

Jaloux Shirt Dress       $95

I loved the lightness and color of this dress.  It was unstructured and would look great with gladiator sandals, stacks of bangles, and a little clutch.  I really wanted this dress to work, but to my dismay, I need structure in dress.  Again, you always have to go with what works on your own body, and not the way it looks on the hanger. 

This month I like what was styled for me, but the styles were just not figure flattering for this gal.  I am going to adjust my "likes" to see what comes next time.  I want more dresses and more structure, so I am off to change my wants/likes/needs and what for my next fix.

Stay Sweet,


  1. Sorry you didn't have any luck, but I guess that's better on the wallet anyway. I love that dotted top--it's too bad it wasn't quite right!

    1. Oh I know! I love that dotted top too, but it just wouldn't fit :(

  2. That polka dot top is so cute!! I reviewed my fix awhile ago. I also got a polka dot item that I didn't keep. I loved it but the color was atrocious on me. What a bummer that nothing worked!

  3. I have the same problem as a busty gal! So many cute things that just do not fit. But the loose A-line tops usually look less third trimester when tucked into a pencil skirt.

    1. such a great tip! That particular tank top would have lost its flowy appeal tucked in, but I am going to keep that tip "tucked in" my back pocket :)