Fourth of July Traditions

One of my favorite gal pals in Chicago via Texas is SweetPea Bettie!  She is a super cute blonde bombshell that gives her all being a patriotic pinup!  

What is your favorite way to celebrate July 4th? Almost every 4th of July, I spend it with my entire family at our annual family reunion in Texas... it is also my mom's birthday, so it is a special time that we always share with family.

How do you show your support for the military or military families? Well, considering my sweet husband is an officer in the US Marine Corps, I show my support every day by being his wife - but that is easy for me and comes naturally. But aside from that, I have participated in blood drives and done some volunteer work with our local recruiting station.

What is your favorite thing(s) to eat for a fourth of july celebration? Good lord, what ISN'T my favorite thing to eat for the 4th of July? I love grilling out hamburgers and hot dogs, and it wouldn't be the 4th of July without a big ole watermelon. and I would of course pair all of that with my favorite Belgium beer.
If you could leave a message for anyone serving overseas, what would it be? We are so thankful for everything that you do, and your family as well! What a selfless act you are doing, fighting for the freedom of our country! God Bless You!!!

Stay Sweet and Be Safe,

Photo credit: Photographer: Suzie Q Pinups MUAH: Heather Trimble Model: Sweetpea Bettie 

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