Daily Candy ~ Stitch Fix Review #5

Well I got my July Stitch Fix, and it was good!  Here is a little review of what I got and what I kept!

I love this little goodies they send! This time purse sized mints! yay!

Hayden Harnett Metallic Wristlet    $50
I did like this little clutch, but anyone who knows me, know I am a big purse kind of gal.  Even my makeup bag, that I carry in my purse, is big!  The metallic detail is spot on with the trends, especially for the summer, but I decided to pass.  This girls needs a BAG!

Aryn K Fallon Cropped Blazer   $110
I wanted this piece to work SO badly.   I have been looking for a blazer, that could layer well, for a million years.  It was light weight, but sturdy enough to hold its pristine shape.  However, any lady with a bust, like myself, would find themselves looking oddly disproportionate in this blazer.  

Tulle Brand Dress     $70
This dress personifies summer and would be perfect for a summer wedding, as it is lightweight, and has great little detailing.  It would be easy to dress up, or dress down.  The color was a very refreshing pop of hot pink, but the thing that I loved the most was the feel of the fabric.  I can't describe it, but I want a set of sheets made out of it!!  I have a lot of trouble with this particular brand, as it is never cut well for busty ladies.  I wanted it to fit so badly, but alas, it didn't.  

Collective Concepts Fergie Dress       $70
I knew I would keep this dress.  I love this style, as it has a retro feel to it, but with modern fabric.  I will wear this with a big belt and wedges, and as the fall returns to the midwest, some tall boots and tights.  The colors, the pattern, the fit, all perfect!

Milla Jersey Dress        $66
This dress looked super weird when I pulled it out, and I thought, I am going to pass on this, until I tried it on.  Super soft fabric.  A cut that was not only interesting, but very flattering.  Again, another dress that, with layers, will work through the summer and into fall.  I love it!

This box was a good one!  I love Stitch Fix and am so glad that I do it every month!  If you are interested in getting one to try out click here!


  1. Ooh I love that printed dress you got, and I bet that gray one looks great on you too! I love seeing what you get in these :)

    1. I thought the pattern and colors were a great combo!

  2. I have to say I love Stitch Fix Review day the best of all the posts! Girl, I didn't even have to scroll to know the fate of that blazer. Cute as all get out but not going over the girls without looking like a linebacker. I feel your pain. I adore that jersey dress though.