• Watching: Gossip Girl.  I am officially obsessed and I am trying to get through the seasons, so I can not waste any time during the olympics.  The summer olympics are my favorite thing to watch, and really who doesn't love it?
  • Working On: august is going to be my vegan month. I am trying to work up the courage to  jump into it without complaining.  Last year, all I could think about was cheese pizza, for a whole month, and it drove me crazy, so this year, I am going to go forth with motivation and leave cheese in the past.
  • Thinking About: joining a yoga class.  I have been doing yoga with you tube, but I really crave being in a class.  There is a wonderful studio in the same shopping district as my day job, and I think I am going to join for a month and see how it goes.  Yoga really works for me, helps me release anxiety, it is great exercise, and I enjoy the solitude. 
  • Anticipating: a really good summer time thunderstorm.  There has been no rain in kansas city, and I am really just wanting to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and listen to the rain.  I find that dreary days are instant inspiration for me.  Maybe I should move to portland/seattle 
  • Eating:  I have been eating frozen yogurt like it is going out of style.  Besides it so hot, so that is my excuse.  The heat. My gawd the heat.
  • Wishing: the summer would come to an end already.  I am ready for sweaters, boots, tights, and overcoats.  Oh and hot cocoa!

  • Stay Sweet,

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